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NQT Teaching Year 3

Discussion in 'Primary' started by shoesies, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. Ikea for boxes for storage (the handiness is incredible), and pencil pots, etc. Worryingly I must spend £30 a month on 'must haves' and now I am thinking about next year and using that as an excuse. If you have time, cut out and mount alphabets ready for use next year on displays (or if lazy like me, buy them and don't mount them until SMT come rooting in your class and put you down for not double/ triple mounting.... grr). Buy a laminator so you don't have to queue up for the communal ones. Go to sites like ********** (yes I dared to say it), Mrs Pancake, etc for ideas for your VCOP wall, static learning aid boards. Buy yourself lots of handwash and wipes to protect yourself. Pound shops for washing line and pegs if you need /want those kind of visual aids. I also use pound shops (and ebay wholesale) to get things for my prize box for the winning team of the week. If you need book resources always check book people first online- I have just got each of my children a 'moving to year 4' present of varying books working out at less than a pound each. Sorry about the lack of paragraphs- google chrome doesn't like them
  2. O and I moved into a gutted classroom with absolutely nothing in it that was from after 1994 so I had to get wet play things- which I just bought from car boots over the summer. Games and jigsaws etc.
  3. That's my plan - my new room seems to have nothing but a teacher's desk and children's desks and chairs. I've no idea where anything is and have already put in a wish list for storage. I'm planning on buying cheap connect four games as it's my favourite and I like nothing more than a wet play connect 4 challenge!!
  4. I am the class champion!!! Sad I know. In my prize bungle (for next year) I have just got 40 odd mini connect 4 games for £8 for my prize box. They are the tiny ones. My wet play connect four is from the good old car boots for 50p each box
  5. I wish there was a 'like' option on here! I only play because I win!!!
  6. Teaching trends is a great store for EVERYTHING!!!!!
  7. Thank you for all these brill ideas, i will start writing a list of things I can get. I haven't seen my classroom yet (July 6th is when i do) so as to how full or empty it is is unknown.
    How did you get so many connect 4 games for £8?
  8. I told a lie- they were £12.00. they are really tiny.... I use them for prizes. Go to ebay and type in wholesale and it comes under party gifts or http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200501440013#ht_756wt_905. I also got 250 bouncy balls, 80 mini bats with balls attached, 50 gliders, and the 40 connect 4 games. Think I got it for about 50 altogether, obviously P and P is an issue but if you get a few items they do a discount and you only pay one amount. It pains me to spend so much on prizes in one go... but in the long run it will cover me for a while. I already have pencils, yoyos, rubbers etc from places like Tesco when they do buy 3 get one free etc. Lots of people don't agree with prizes but it works for my lot, and they were a difficult lot in September.
  9. Please do not spend your own money on things for school - it makes a very bad cross for you for the rest of your time in that school (or the rest of your career), not to mention other teachers - no other job expects you to spend your own wages on supplementing the workplace, so why do it in teaching?
    Ask your school what their policy is on claiming money back, and if they allow you to submit receipts to claim it back, go for your life, but otherwise, only spend what they will pay for in the first place.
    (The reason I am so anti this is because we haven't even been brought writing pencils in our school for the last two terms because half of the teachers in the school supply their own, so we are all expected to do so now. And I simply cannot afford to do so, and do not see why I should have to either really, so haven't had any new pencils for ages and therefore there aren't enough to go round in my classroom, ditto board pens etc etc).
    I've found phonics strips have really helped my low ability children (not just alphabet strips, but those set out in the same order as they are used to seeing for phonics), and there are some really good numeracy mats and word mats on various websites for topics, literacy and so on that are really great.
    A noise chart is good I find as well, either 'what level should we be working at' type thing, or a traffic light chart to show when they are getting too loud (different ones have worked better with different Yr 3 classes I've had in the past).
    A really good range of reading books for the class library, from KS1 early reader type to more challenging - I have from P level to level 5c readers in my class, so a wide range of books is helpful for quiet reading times as it means there is something for everyone. - and a set of '5 finger rule' bookmarks to help them choose a suitable book - I get them to decorate the back of one on Move Up day and laminate them ready to give out in Sept, but if you aren't doing Move Up day you can just print them out, write each child's name on the back and laminate them.

  10. www.instantdisplay.co.uk has some great free resources, as does http://www.teachers-take-away.com so no need to use **********.
  11. Thank you for your advice. I do know where you're coming from in terms of paying out for resources using your own money! I limit it as much as possible.
    Is there any behaviour management strategies you find work really well with this year group?
    I must admit i tend to keep to simple things. I have friends who go out of there way to make their own behaviour management strategies but I find that this could waste time especially if they don't work.

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