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NQT teaching Graphic Products

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Jonathan-Stones, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm an NQT starting in September, who's PGCE background has been all Resistant Materials / Electronics; my degree however is in Graphic Design, so I have good subject knowledge ready for teaching year 10 Graphic Products.

    My only troubles are though, I feel so unprepared for teaching year 10 graphics I just don't know what to expect?
    For example how long should their first project run for? I've not received anything from the school yet.

    I don't know if this is just NQT nerves, but all of a sudden my mind has gone blank about everything in the PGCE.

    ANY information about hitting the ground running would be a huge bonus.

    Thank You.
  2. Start with a few basic skills. 3 tone shading, guide lines/construction lines, 2D and 3D work, use of grids, lettering. I know it can be quite boring, but many skills can be taught through some form of Logo project, maybe as a CD case. This first 'project' needs to be quick, complete it by half-term. Get them used to time management and some form of homework tasks, this shouldn't be completion of school work as all controlled assessment must be completed in school and under your supervision.

    Page 1 Sit/Des brief - Timescale/Gannt chart - personal targets
    Page 2 Research, other solutions. (Collect as homework)Discuss form/function/fitness for purpose/how the design could be used.
    Page 3 Research evaluation/Specification. 3 'must' points, 3 'should' points and 3 'could' points.
    Page 4 Basic ideas, each evaluated against the specification
    Page 5 Basic ideas, shape, form, colours etc.
    Page 6 Develop idea, link it to the design theme
    Page 7 Final design, sizes, plan for making (flow chart perhaps)
    Page 8 How would the item be made in industry?
    Page 9 Evaluation and further developments.

    All the way through, you are working to improve presentation and styles of design.

    If you have 3 lessons per week, use 2 for design work and the other for covering the theory of design and designers work. This is how I will start with the AQA course with my Yr10's.

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