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NQT teaching A Level.... help

Discussion in 'Geography' started by mia1985, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. thank you x
  2. Hi there
    I totally agree with the usefulness of the AQA Geography Ning...well done to Victoria Ellis for starting it all up!. I used to use it for getting ideas about lessons which I was then able to adapt to the needs of particular students I was teaching.
    Which topics are you responsible for? Do you have access to past exam papers with the mark schemes and examiners' reports as I used to find they were useful as they help you get inside the examiners' heads? Also if you are allowed, try to attend meetings held by the Examiners as they can give useful pointers especially as to the AS or A2 level of responses.
    Re ice breakers:- Essential to know who's in the group before you meet them. Try to learn their names beforehand so you can then match names to faces. Find out if they were set any work to do over the holidays because if they were you need to let them know that you know they were supposed to do it...it gives the message that this teacher means business.
    Good luck ....you're lucky to be teaching such a topical subject where many teachers share their resources....why reinvent the wheel?
  3. Hi
    I am also teaching A-Level for the first time this Sept as an NQT. I am with AQA and am starting with population, but I only have a year 12 class. However, year 13 are going to be doing conflict this year so I shall look out for good resources created by the other teachers.
    As for population - we could swap resources that we create? Might help shorten some of the crazy long nights as an NQT!!!
    Did you manage to come up with a good ice breaker activity? Im still trying to think of something that they will like. I only have 9 of them though!!!
    Anyway, my name is Bex and I am based in York, good luck tomorrow!!
  4. I would recommend conducting a general search for population resources on this website, and then you'll find things that you can adapt and get ideas from, maybe even from KS3, KS4 and other courses such as the IB. I teach population to Y8, Y10 and Y12 and often use similar images and articles, just with a different focus which is adapted to fit with the various objectives.

    Also refer to the syllabus regularly and make sure you look at past paper questions. This should give you an idea of the standard.

    Good luck with it, and you'll get to know your Y12 students very quickly so I'm sure you'll be much more confident in a few weeks time!
  5. for cool activities (some of which could be icebreakers etc) try teacheractivities.co.uk - its got loads of cool ppt templates and planning ideas
  6. I'm so sorry for only commenting back on this post I've been so busy and knackered that I don't even want to switch on my laptop ha! Thanks for all your ideas........
    I'm willing to share resources and think that's a fantastic idea! Only thing is we still don't know if geography year 12 will be running due to numbers so at the moment I'm only teaching conflict which I prefer!

    Thanks again

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