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NQT supply!!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by karene3456, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. Im an NQT and just about to start supply in primary. Im a little scared i have prepared some resources for different age groups and got activities and games for time fillers. Just wondering if n e one has any advise before i start?
  2. I'm in the same position - not particularly looking forward to it. Someone has posted an amazing supply pack in the resources seciton - I can't remember the name but download it - it is so useful it is unbelievable! :)
  3. Just look at some of the other posts on this forum. There is lots of advice that has been given particularly over the last few weeks.
  4. Thank you! ive got my first class tomorrow in year 5!!!!!!
    Cant seem to find the resource pack???
  5. Thank you so much that is amazing!!

    feel happier now, so many supportive people willing to share ideas its great.

    thanks :)
  6. I have my first day supplying in a secondary school - I'm not really sure what's expected of me or anything. Here's just hoping it'll be okay!

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