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NQT Supply advice!?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by D.Clark9774, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. I've got my first job of supply tomorrow since becoming an NQT in July. I'm pretty nervous about it and just wondering if anyone has any advice or information I could use? I'm in Foundation Stage tomorrow.
  2. Hi, I'm an NQT doing supply too, so I know how you feel! The main pieces of advice I've taken from the supply forum are to go in and set your behaviour expectations pretty early on and set them high and in line with the school behaviour policy, if you can get hold of it. The minute they know you know the rules they should be ok! I take in a teddy for story time for a child to hold as a reward and stickers, as many have said on here children would willingly sell their parents for a sticker! I can't think of anything else apart from to get there in plenty of time to have a look at planning and resources, I always feel much better when I've got all that sorted! Hope I've been some help! Good luck!
  3. Thank you :) The teddy is a really nice idea I definately think I will use that! I am hoping to get there by 8 tomorrow morning so hopefully I will have plenty of time to have a look at resources available as I'm not really sure what to take tomorrow!
  4. Hi, im in the same position, i too have my first supply job tomorrow, i've been told i'm in Key Stage 1 but she couldn't tell me whether it would be in Year 1 or 2. So at the minute im trying to plan/find appropriate activities for both years incase there has been no work left. I'm there all day so i need to make sure i have more than enough activities for a full day, i'd rather have alot more that do not get used than the children finish the work set with nothing left to do haha. So any ideas for Key Stage 1 would be great? I've got quite a few activites sorted out already in my file, but would be greatful for anymore, you can never have too many after all can you? :)

  5. It is tricky when working out what to take with you, I took loads at the start of term and I'm now taking half of it, take PE stuff and leave it in the boot, just in case, a book with ideas and games for time fillers for if they finish their work quickly, and my small collection of books, toys and stickers. As I mainly teach ks1 and 2 I take my folders just in case I need a quick refresher on what I'm teaching too!! :)
  6. Good luck for tomorrow! I think I will feel better hopefully once my first day is done. It's just the fear of the unknown I think not knowing what to expect. I'm also nervous about meeting any other staff that will be in the classroom and the parents as nobody will know who I am! I'm not sure whether any activities have been left or not although the day will mostly be provision I'm guessing as its foundation stage. Does anyone have any carpet activity ideas I could use?
  7. There's a supply resource pack in the resources section of the TES which has loads of activities for one off lessons and don't require too much prep, if you search for it you should find it, it's got circle time activities in as well I think, so you might find some ideas for carpet activities!
  8. Thankyou. Good luck to you too! Yeah i'm the same, i don't know what to expect. I'm scared of being unprepared. And i totally agree about other staff, parents etc. I suppose we'll get used to it, it's just because it's our first supply. Fingers crossed we can both come on here tomorrow and both say we've had a really good day!

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