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NQT still looking for a job and not having any luck!

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by MrG2246, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. MrG2246

    MrG2246 New commenter

    Hello all,

    Just here for some advice really about finding my first teaching job. I'm an NQT and I just finished university this year. I'm still looking for my first primary teaching job and as of lately I'm not having very much luck. Before the summer, I started applying to jobs quite late on (around May), as I had a few personal issues to sort out first. I was getting interviews from alot of my applications so I know my application was generally ok before the summer. Interview feedback was always positive and usually generic, e.g "there was just someone who had more experience".

    Since September, I have been doing supply and continuing to volunteer in my placement school. I have applied for around 7 jobs starting in January and all of these have been unsuccessful without interview. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice for me? Ideally I'd like to start my NQT in January or as soon as I can. Is there something more that schools are looking for in an application once you have started supply?

    Any help or advice would be appreciated.
  2. Northern_Miss

    Northern_Miss New commenter

    January posts tend to go to the battle-ready, simply because a change in teacher is rough for any class and behaviour can suffer as a result. So SLT often look for an experienced teacher to fill those roles. This means there may be nothing 'wrong' with you applications per se.... Also, schools may have already taken in their quota of NQT staff for this academic year and now may not be able to accommodate more (NQTs need extra time out of class, which means regular cover and a suitable mentor).

    If you can settle classes quickly and begin to get repeated bookings in certain schools for supply, sooner or later one of those schools will probably offer you a position or give you the nod to apply for one they're advertising. This might be your best 'in' at this point in the year. You can also ask your agency about long-term supply; often these posts can lead into permanent positions for the start of September.

    Benefits of supply on the CV: emphasises your flexibility, implies strong behaviour management skills and ability to relate to / charm pupils. If you have an interview, these are a few of the things you might want to point out about your recent experience...
  3. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    Primary opportunities depend upon the local job market. In some areas such as the South West and North East it can be very difficult to secure a first post. Consider widening your job search if possible.
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  4. Happyregardless

    Happyregardless Occasional commenter

    I'm not sure- can only say from personal experience that my NQT role came totally unexpected ( well I had applied for it and then forgot) and was working in a local bookshop at the time I was called for interview, wondering ( as you may or not be now whether I would actually secure a teaching post after all the hard work through training and placement) ! Best head and Deputy you could imagine - old school but canny and down to earth - a good start - albeit it in challenging area with some tough needs. ( yellow signs about drive bys and a couple of staff got mugged on the way home etc) Other staff were brilliant too - everyone used to go to the pub for Friday lunch - something probably extinct now!
    I only left to teach abroad for a year but that school is still going strong with a massive 700 and something pupils - yes a big school for primary. I sometimes get nostalgic about thinking what if I'd stayed rather than gone to experience teaching abroad, but looking back I glad I did as came back, got another job iin hometown, keyworkers housing scheme which led to curent home/mortgage etc

    So after going off on my nostalgic tangent (lol) I think what I'm trying to say is - focus on life in the meantime and you never know what is around the corner. We can over strive and over work at times trying to control things, which may put us somewhere where we realtyl shouldn't be or can relax and know there may be something good just around the corner x
  5. cornflake

    cornflake Senior commenter

    I'm in the SW and had three applications for a job starting in January. None were interviewable...
    If you have been getting shortlisted, I'd say its a case of keep going.

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