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NQT starting in September - when is it appropriate to ask questions?

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by pumpkinsoup88, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. pumpkinsoup88

    pumpkinsoup88 New commenter

    Hi there,

    Would be really grateful if anybody could answer my question! New to this and not sure what the 'rules' are!

    I have been really fortunate to have gained a temporary post in a Primary School starting in September. I have asked the school whether it will be possible to get more of an insight into the school, and they said I am welcome any time. I will also be meeting my new class for an hour next week.

    I was just wondering, when is it appropriate for me to ask the questions I have?
    I am keen to find out more about the class I will be teaching (levels, any additional needs, interests etc.).
    I am also keen to find out to what extent we will be team planning, which Numeracy set I will be teaching etc. I would also like to introduce myself to the year group team.

    I am very keen, and yet, I am also apprhensive as I appreciate staff are busy as it's going to be the end of term. Seeing as I have been told I am welcome any time, when should I go? I assume I am able to possibly watch classes. Should I go in during school time (I have been at the school on a short placement before), or maybe after school?

    Just want to come across as being sensitive to the school's demands, but I am eager to find out more :)

    Thank you x
  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Maybe ring and ask if you can come in for the whole day or a half day on whichever day it is you are in for an hour. Then you can meet people over lunchtime and that sort of thing. Also ask if you can meet the class teacher of the class you will have after school or something on the same day.

    For the questions about planning and sets, you will possibly be better off asking for email addies of the year team as such things may not have been decided yet.

    Also get the email addy of your mentor, then you can ask any little questions that you think of over the summer.
  3. If people are busy don't be afraid to pester a little and push for the information you need to be an informed and effective teacher. Do this politely and sensibly but remember that you need to be au fait with the class you will be teaching and with how the school organises itself.

    Good luck.

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