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NQT starting first teaching job

Discussion in 'Primary' started by supplyteacher007, May 14, 2019.

  1. supplyteacher007

    supplyteacher007 New commenter

    Hi all, I have just secured a teaching job in Y1 for September and was wondering if there was anything I need to do now to prepare myself? Things I need to buy for myself, for the children, for my classroom etc? As I am new to all this I could really use some pointers!
  2. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

    In theory you shouldn't need to buy anything. In practice, you may like to buy some of your own resources to supplement those provided by your school. Better to wait and see if there's anything you feel you really need in September.

    General preparation:

    1) Make sure you know your year group curriculum very well. See if your school provide you with a long term plan, so that you can see how you'll cover the different objectives over the year.

    2) Find out if your school has set topics and/or texts for your year group. There's no point getting ahead of yourself with ideas for how you could teach a particular objective, only to find out the school already have planning in place. But it may be that you have a lot of freedom to plan, in which case you could use your time now to get started.

    3) Find out about school behaviour policies, reward systems, routines. On the first day in September you'll need to teach the children what is expected of them, so it's good to have it all clear in your own head, and have time to think of additional things if necessary (eg. it might be up to each teacher to create a class reward system).
  3. Juliet6079

    Juliet6079 New commenter

    Start thinking about routines - that's where I've found most of my problems have arisen this year, particularly with behaviour in transition times.
    How will you ask for quiet? How will they line up? How will you run the end of the day or early morning time?
    This would be my best advice, as someone hurtling towards the end of the NQT year!
  4. MsOnline

    MsOnline Occasional commenter

    Try not to worry and get lots of sleep so you are fresh for Sept.

    Meet with your partner teacher and see what resources already exist. Do not waste any time re-inventing the wheel. If they're experienced in the school they should have editable templates.

    Go in and set up your class displays e.g. reward charts, routine resources - e.g monitors etc like Juliet (above)said. It's exciting to go in a couple of days before the start term with a clear class, set up and take a look at other classes for ideas. Play some music, potter about in your socks and get used to the room you'll spend lots of time in!

    Finally, there are vloggers who show their class set up tips - e.g. one fab teacher.

    Good luck :)

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