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NQT & Starting again

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by bofund, May 26, 2019.

  1. bofund

    bofund New commenter


    I have looked around for people with similar situations but haven't found anyone and wondered if anyone here could give me some advice.
    I started my NQT year last September in quite a nice secondary school, however I was also asked to teach a subject that I knew nothing about. This is a long story but essentially the school asked me if I had an interest in teaching a certain subject and if so would I be interested in teaching it (They had a vacancy for it and couldn't fill it). I had SOME experience from years ago so I said I would. Anyway I spent the summer swatting up on past papers, getting my old books out, buying new exam course books, refreshing my memory etc ready for September. However, September comes around and I find the subject I thought I was teaching, I wasn't. It was something else, a subject I knew nothing about and quite honestly had no interest in teaching. The whole thing had changed. Of course I started very quickly to struggle. My mentor was very good but he couldn't do anything about the subject itself, he even asked for those lessons to be dropped from my timetable but the school wouldn't allow it.
    On the other side, the subject I was trained in was going ok. I had a couple of good observations. Yes I had some struggles there but generally because my subject knowledge is pretty ok I actually enjoyed those classes, class discussions, answering questions, even being able to do that most difficult thing of deviating from my lesson plan because I knew my subject.
    Anyway by Christmas time, the part of my timetable where I was teaching off subject was really getting me down, to the point where my GP signed me off sick. (yes really really bad at that point... panic attacks, not sleeping, crying). And off sick I stayed until last month where myself, my union and the school came to an agreement that ended my employment there.
    Right now I feel gutted. I miss the people I work with, I miss the kids, I miss the kids doing their exams and being there for them for that, I miss the year 11s who are leaving, the summer term, the sports days, everything about what I was doing APART from teaching a subject I didn't know, I miss. I KNOW what I was doing was right. It felt natural to be stood in front of a class and thinking that all that is now over hurts a lot. Yes maybe I could have battled through it and got on with it but maybe the school could have done more by realising I was struggling in a subject I didn't know too. Mulling over it now isn't helpful I know, the matter is at a close and I have the summer free now.
    What I want to know is, given that I actually started my NQT but didn't actually complete it, what are my options for the future? I didn't actually fail a term but I didn't pass one either, I was signed of sick before I could pass that first term. If it is that I can't teach again then so be it, thats life and I will move on again but I need to know for sure before I do
  2. dunnocks

    dunnocks Star commenter

    We have had plenty of NQTs who start again.

    but this:

    is not unusual, and will happen to you again.

    I hope it works out better next time.
  3. blueskydreaming

    blueskydreaming Lead commenter

    If you didn't complete any terms than you have 3 remaining.

    The school should have submitted an interim report in December, although they may not have. If I were you I'd contact the LA and ask for a copy - a future NQT school will see this report, so you need to know what it says.

    When you're ready to apply for a new NQT role you'll need to think carefully about how to word your cover letter. Come back on here and ask for advice.

    Until then, have a restful summer.

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