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NQT start in september - M1 or M2

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by umba12, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. hi all,

    so i start my NQT in september. A friend of mine had put a case forward to be paid on M2 and was accepted. I have 2 years supply teaching, 2 years unqualified teaching could i push for M2? im not sure how the points system works

    many thanks
  2. Hi
    I'm starting my NQT in July (so I can be paid over the Summer) as a Science/Physics teacher and have 6 years engineering experience but no teaching, was offered M3 but asked for M4 and got it no hesitation, so again as others have said, if you don't ask you won't know. [​IMG]
  3. You've managed that well.
    I also start early but on a supply/temp basis till my contract starts in Sept.
    But to put in perspective I have a job so not complaining, just musing.
  4. mypseudonym

    mypseudonym New commenter

    I really hope I can wrangle a deal like this. I am resigning from my job next month to begin my PGCE in secondary Information Technology in September.

    I am giving up a rather large salary to go in to teaching and racking up student debt so I really would love if schools recognise my 5 year career in industry to be valuable. Here's hoping.
  5. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    Heres hoping you get a job at the end of it! I'm sure they will take it into account. I started on MP2 without asking but I'm now desperately looking for my next teaching post and can't seem to get one [​IMG]
  6. I don't think you're in quite as strong a position as that poster. ICT isn't as much as a shortage as it once was so be careful of pricing yourself out of a job. The financial climate is also very different with many schools making redundancies. I was able to negotiate pay and started on M3 however I teach a shortage subject (chemistry), have a PhD and experience in school-university liaison. It was also 2006 when the financial climate was very different! Whilst everyone's stories of negotiating are good to hear they need to be read with some caution as they may have been some time ago or they may be in shortage subjects (which currently only seem to be maths, physics and chemistry!)
  7. Hi,

    Any idea what my chances of M2 would be? I will be starting in September as an NQT teaching English and Media (not many Eng teacher in the school are happy to teacher it but it is my degree subject). I have two years experience in a school as an English teacher assistant and cover supervisor?


  8. *English teaching assistant and English cover teacher
  9. Englishandfilm, there is no reason not to ask. I had a year teaching in a private school as an unqualified teacher (in a subject you can't get QTS in) before I did my PGCE and asked for M2 for my PGCE year. I was told the money was not there for that and was asked if I would still like the job if it was at M1. I said yes and I got the job. The the school did not hold it against me for asking! As long as it is raised in the interview then there is no problem, it is when it is raised after that it gets tricky.
  10. *NQT year not PGCE
  11. I didn't exactly have an interview.... no contract has been signed yet but I'm going in tomorrow so I will ask if I feel able to/ it is appropriate. I don't want to come accross as arrogant as I am extremely greatful for the job but as most people on here are saying; If you don't ask, you don't get!

    Many thanks for the reply, any other advice welcome.
  12. mypseudonym

    mypseudonym New commenter

    Believe me... I will take any full-time teaching post I can get after a year with no income what-so-ever!
    Obviously, in an ideal world, I'd love a school to recognise the value of my 5 years industry experience but ultimately I would do what another poster said...politely ask for a higher point on the scale...but take M1 if it means just having a job and being able to start my NQT year straight after my PGCE.

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