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NQT Rule change (chance of doing it abroad)

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by tillsbury, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. tillsbury

    tillsbury New commenter

    Has anybody heard anything about these changes and how likely they are to happen.
    From what i can gather there could be a chance of nqts been able to do their induction year at British Schools abroad other than SCE schools. Does anyone know if this is going to happen or when we will find out about the changes?

  2. tillsbury

    tillsbury New commenter

    I just wanna bump this up to see if anyone can shed light on this
  3. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    If the changes go ahead it requires Parliarmentary approval and Gove is planning to get it through by Easter- however the Lords have reacted against their plans in the past so its not a certainty. In addition there are also a lot of unknowns about the changes such as what happens once your 5 years for doing induction have elapsed?
  4. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    I might perhaps be helpful if tillsbury (or maybe James_Willimas) could explain what he or she meant by the vague and misleading phrase "British Schools abroad".
  5. tillsbury

    tillsbury New commenter

    Hmmm i am not called James
    Anyway. I don't really see why writing 'British Schools abroad' is misleading. Vague, i understand. I was just using the term the document had used in my first post, which does not specify. I assume it is schools abroad that use the National Curriculum. This would be great as it would give more options than just the SCE schools.

    Thanks for the replies.
  6. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    No, tillsbury. James Williams is called "James". Your username is "tillsbury". I hope that we have cleared that up that little misunderstanding.
    The phrase "British Schools abroad" is very unclear, vague and confusing. For a start, even though some "international" schools do indeed say that they follow the National Curriculum, the reality is that they add some extra bits that are not in the NC and they also leave some bits out that are supposed to be in it. Secondly, there are some schools that call themselves "British International Schools", so would you say, tillsbury, that these schools are in fact "British Schools abroad" or are they really "international" schools? Or both? Or neither? Then what about schools in foreign countries that say that they are "British" and do the PYP and the IB? Are these schools not really "British" at all, even though the principal and the majority of their teachers (and most of their students) might well come from the UK?
    I do hope that you will now explain to us all, clearly and precisely, what is meant by the phrase "British Schools abroad" and perhaps you could also make clear how we can always tell the difference between an "international" school and a "British School abroad".
    And a Happpy New Year to you.
  7. tillsbury

    tillsbury New commenter

    I think the analysis of 'British school abroad' is irrelevent to this topic to be honest.
  8. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Well, if "British Schools abroad" are irrelevant, then why did you mention them in your original post?
  9. Just wondered if we had any more information on this? Really need the info- hope they get a move on...

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