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NQT positions

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by anikabla1, Jun 5, 2020.


Are less jobs being advertised than normal?

  1. Yes

    9 vote(s)
  2. No

    2 vote(s)
  1. anikabla1

    anikabla1 New commenter

    I’m really struggling to find a job for September and starting to get quite nervous.
    I’m a single parent, so need something reasonably close to my children’s school.
    I live in a rural setting. I’ve had one interview that was unsuccessful, no feedback given even after emailing to ask for some. I have also just sent an email asking feedback form a school where I was unsuccessful in getting an interview for the post.
    Are less school’s advertising? Are NQT’s not wanted at the moment due to the Covid crisis?
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  2. Owleyes00

    Owleyes00 New commenter

    Where about are you in the country? In my area, East of England, there seem to be lots of jobs being advertised similar to what their usually would be but I think generally people are reluctant to leave jobs at the moment and also pushing back retirement as prospects for travel/volunteering/part time that one might usually do when they retire are limited so it’s likely there will be fewer vacancies than normal.0
  3. anikabla1

    anikabla1 New commenter

    I’m in Somerset. I’ve also specialised in EYFS/KS1 which makes the search more limited
  4. eleanorms

    eleanorms Occasional commenter

    There is a huge amount of regional variation, and not just this year. If you are in Somerset, where did you train? Do they not have any pointers for you? In London and the home counties you can usually just walk into a job. We get a lot of nqts coming down from the north because they can't get work closer to home. Have you applied for KS2 as well? I don't think heads would worry about placing you in years 3 and 4. But the fact is that there isn't really a shortage of early years or KS1 teachers. It is upper key stage 2 where the demand really is in primary. Listen, please don't take this the wrong way because goodness knows we all make mistakes every day, but there are one or two quite glaring grammar errors in your post. Just check that when you do application forms that punctuation is completely accurate. It's easy to make mistakes, especially with auto correct, and that won't help you get a job.
  5. anikabla1

    anikabla1 New commenter

    Thank you, spotted them too. Unfortunately, can’t edit post
  6. sharon7482

    sharon7482 Occasional commenter

    That isn't many jobs or applications. When I was an NQT I think I had four interviews before I got a job. I am in home counties too. Somerset is a difficult place to get a job. And most people down the SW get their start with maternity covers and either get asked to stay on or you know career just expands from there. There is limited job movement in this area and even in my area there is less then usual advertised. London always has a lot and with many Aussies and Canucks having being repatronated due to Covid. I dont think they will return and there will be less new recruits next year.
  7. Juliesamouelle

    Juliesamouelle New commenter

    I am just finishing my PGCE. I have found lots of vacancies to apply for but admittedly I was not fixed to a geographical location . I eventually secured a post in Surrey so I will be moving from Dorset. I guess teaching, like any other career is harder to break into and progress if you cannot move. Something will come up in time so perhaps consider supply work in the meantime?
  8. MisssyHTH

    MisssyHTH New commenter

    I finished my training last july and have been unsuccessful in finding a NQT job (so far). I live in the North East and competition is tough! All you can really do is keep applying and do some supply work. I am actually really glad I have done some supply work as it has really allowed me to learn a lot, so I'd recommend getting signed up.
    Remember the times we are in are very strange and challenging and hopefully the amount of jobs will pick up
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