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NQT Pools, jobs, supply

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by IamIronman, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    I'm also posting this on the unemployed and NQT forums as I'm desparate for some advice.

    I'm on supply and the school I'm at has a vacancy. I want to apply, the deputy and head want me to apply, but it's only been advertised to NQT pool members - they didn't realise I wasn't in the NQT pool. I'm not signed up to the particular pool as I've been qualified since 2007 but not gained a FT job (worked in independent and as TA for most of that time, only just moved into state school as teacher) and didn't think I could gain a place so late after qualifying.

    Is there any legal malarky that could stop me from applying?


  2. There's nothing to stop you registering for the NQT pool and applying for the job. There could be a problem if you are on supply through an agency (not the LEA supply list). The agency will charge the school a "finder's fee" if you are offered the job.
  3. The NQT pool is now closed,hence the panic. I've waited 5 years for a bloody job, I'm not going to give up on this one. :p NQTs in a pool aren't stopped from applying for jobs that aren't directly through the pool, so why should it be any different for those not in a pool but meet the criteria?

    The agency are really good and do a lot of work for the school so have said they'd not charge a fee. Which is nice.
  4. Sounds fine - go for it!!
  5. There is much perversity, treachery and dishonesty in teacher recruitment. I never respond to any flattery by HT and the SMT!
    Note that budgetism rules...the differential between MPS1 to MPS6 is around £10,000! Hence an NQT will almost ALWAYS get the job and there are loads of those about. There seems to be an utterly unacceptable prejudice against non-NQTs...honestly! Hence the "aged" NQT is unlikely to get the job.
    THINK: in one year the school saves itself £1000s by employing an NQT on MPS1. So much for teaching experience, passing induction and having excellence references...?[​IMG]


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