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NQT Pool & Job when did you get yours?

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by sweetluar, May 28, 2011.

  1. sweetluar

    sweetluar New commenter

    Hi there,

    I am still a trainee, but not for long......

    I've got into two NQT pools, I haven't heard anything from them yet. When did you get your job? (what month?) What it through a pool?

    It is already the end of May and I don't have a job for September yet.
  2. Are you actively looking for a job? I've not known anyone to get a job though a pool. I got my first job in April when I was an nqt.
  3. sweetluar

    sweetluar New commenter

    My mistake was to apply just through the pools and think about applying direct to schools from May. However, I have applied just to one school directly. I am based in London, and the career dept from my Uni had advised us to apply first to pools. Well, I just hope it is not too late. I will use the half term to apply directly to schools.
  4. I applied to two pools also, there in London, one is Brent and the other is in Havering, last week i heard from both pools through emails asking if I was still available for a post and if so to email back because they wished to send an up to date database to the head teachers, so I'm figuring the people who are in pools will have their phones ringing from the 2nd week of June, that is my belief anyway. I checked my pools success rate at giving nqts jobs and it seems extra good. I think I'll start stressing if I don't hear anything by the 3rd week of June. I wont be applying for any jobs at the moment, just will be enjoying half term, been a bit poorly, but I will keep my eye on the jobs that come up after May 31st......... My uni was rubbish, they gave no guidance on how to apply and never even mentioned the word pool. I wish you luck and maybe we'll cross paths in London, please update me when your pool/pools contact you and I will do the same. I'm hoping its not another interview, but an informal one, with just me and the head teacher, not a bunch of stressed nqts fighting for one post, hehe..........
  5. I think it is very foolish and naive to just sit back and hope thatthe phone will ring from a pool. You should be visiting schools and making applications.
  6. It may ring, it may not, but what's the use of stressing, no new jobs will be added right now, its half term week, I haven't seen a job I like but if one does come up I'll apply, it seems all doom and gloom with certain posters, people must certainly get jobs from pools are there wouldn't be pools, so just becoz you haven't heard of anyone you know getting a job from a pool doesn't mean it won't happen............ but I understand where you're coming from and it is extremely good to be proactive in job searching, and I will kick myself up my butt at the end of half term contacting my pools and searching for jobs but for this week I'm taking it easy.............. may be my pitt fall but i doubt it............. Plus its common knowledge that the cream of the crop won't be up for grabs until school reopens on the 6th of June..........
  7. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    Lol well your either VERY positive, which is great. Or very naive which isn't.
    The posts after 6th June are not for 'cream Of crop' but for all the NQTs (and unemployed teachers) that are left. Which will be even higher this year than the 56?% of NQTs who were unable to secure a job last year due to budget cuts and possible impact of ebac.
    Best of luck in your job hunt but don't be fooled that it will be easy. Xx
  8. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    I started applying for jobs in the jan of my PGCE and secured a post in the April after numerous interviews. Don't panic there are still posts that will come up but you need to make sure applications are very much tailored to each individual school. Have a look on the jobseekers forum. Get registered with local supply agencies and check local council sites as well as tes and eteach As not all schools will pay to advertise on here.
    Good luck and keep at it :) x
  9. sweetluar

    sweetluar New commenter

    Thank you all for your replies!!!!

    I will update as soon as something happens!
  10. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    Pools operate differently in some there are central interviews while others are primarily a database which schools use to then contact you. At the moment it is still quiet for NQT appointments, it is going to be a slow year, but things pick up after the teacher resignation date this week. After the end of May then schols can only apoint teachers out of contract or NQTs. Do contact the pools and ask for their help and consider expanding your job search at this stage.
  11. I am in my third ar of teaching now and being an NQT applying for jobs doesn't seem like it was 2 minutes ago. I applied to all of my local authority pools and got into them all. I did not pin all my hopes on these at all, I applied for lots of jobs and used the pools very much as a back up.
    I had a few interviews, yes INTERVIEWS-FORMAL interviews, from heads that got my applications from the pool. Each of the interviews that I went to from schools that had picked me from the pool were very competitive, there were always lots of other candidates from the pool there fightng for the job, actually more than other interviews that I had been to, so I think it's very naive to think that a head will see your application call you for a chat and offer you a job, it is just the same as any other interviews most of the time. I do know people who got jobs from the pool, but most of them right at the very end of term. Please apply for jobs as if there was no such things as a pool- thats my advice as I think you may be dissapointed of the missed opportunities, its so competitive out there.
    I also registered for some supply agencies around this time as it takes weeks to get everything registered with them, I did this to ensure that whatever happened I would have some work in September- luckily I secured a post but I felt much more secure knewing that supply was a back up!
    Good Luck guys I know how it feels and enjoy your last few months of freedom!!
  12. I was in two NQT pools but applied for many other positions after seeing them advertised on council websites. I secured a position in April for September. From the pools I was only contacted by one school. Weetluar please be aware that not every school in the area is in the NQT pool. One headteacher told me why should he pay to be in the pool when he can advertise for free. This may be the thinking of many other heads.
  13. sweetluar

    sweetluar New commenter

    I had to have formal and very tough interviews to get into the pools. I have been applying for few positions since the half-term. Yesterday, I received two invitations for interviews - they both came throught the pools (1 from each). Let's see what happens. Meanwhile, I will still apply for new positions that might interest me.
  14. I got my job through my own searching. I know that some london boroughs ie wandsworth have removed their pools. I have also heard form fellow trainees that they have been messed about by certain pools. My advice would be to keep looking yourself aswell.
  15. sweetluar

    sweetluar New commenter

    I have got a job through the pool (I had one interview to get into the pool and another at the school).
    I have been approached by three different schools. I went to two interviews, I got my job in the second one. The third school I had to say no to the interview. I have applied to 5 different schools apart from the two pools I got into. I haven't heard from them.
    Therefore, my advice would be to apply to the schools you are interested and the NQT pools as they can save you loads of time (however, this time of the year might be late to apply for pools).
  16. John_in_Luton

    John_in_Luton Occasional commenter

    Yes, it probably is. Pools tend to recruit in the spring term, in order to place people in the first half of the summer term. And, as my esteemed colleague WelshWizard observes above, pools differ, in operation and in success rates in placing NQTs. Incidentally, I used to run a pool (until this year, when I changed jobs) and WW still runs one so we know what we're talking about!
    The first thing to find out is how the pool you have applied to operates. Some are just glorified databases (common, for example, in the north) and are pretty ineffectual in terms of placing people because headteachers (as noted in another post above) will prefer to run their own ads rather than trawling through a list provided by the Local Authority. Pools in the south tend to be more effective, and if you get through the interview then you stand a pretty good chance of getting a job as a result. In the pool I used to run, we would offer up to 40 places, and of those I would probably lose six or eight because they got jobs elsewhere before I could place them. The rest would all be placed by the end of the first week in June. If you were interviewed for a pool, at the end of the interview they should have explained, or you should have asked, what the process was to secure you a post from that point.
    Of course, changes in circumstances can always have an impact, as with the pool I used to run. They were apparently assuring candidates this year that the pool was very successful in placing people. True when I ran it, but no-one knows what the picture is going to be this year because when I left I took a number of the biggest schools with me and they now have a major competitor for NQT provision in the area (me). So they may have over-recruited through naivete / overconfidence, but only time will tell on that one.
    Timing: most jobs, as WW observes, come up in April / May. As for supply agencies, the time to sign up with them is when you decide it's last resort time. Being with an agency at this stage could put a school off employing you, if there's a risk the agency will try to charge them their 'introductory fee'. Also, it says to someone like me, 'this one's not good enough to get a job off their own bat'. If there's nothing in sight by the end of June, then think about going to the agencies.
    In conclusion, if you've been accepted into a pool in the north, don't give up hope of something coming through it, but keep looking off your own bat as well. In the south, the prospects of getting a post through a pool are brighter, but ring up and check how your particular pool operates so you can get a feel for how realistic a prospect it is. If it's a database, keep looking, but if they've put you through a full interview you can feel a bit more comfortable, though it does no harm to keep an eye on the job ads in any case... There may be a job coming up in the perfect school which is 100 yards outside the boundaries of the pool you've applied to!


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