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NQT pay start dates - usual to pay for summer?

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by maninhisprimary, May 10, 2011.

  1. maninhisprimary

    maninhisprimary New commenter

    I may be offered a job at the school where I am doing SCITT. They are a bit tight and at the moment won't be paying me for August (unlike all the other schools in the programme).
    Would it be reasonable to ask them to pay me from when I finish my SCITT, rather than from September, so that it becomes like a continuous appointment?
    Also, all the heads at other schools I've applied to say they pay NQTs from the end of the summer term to get them in the school and pay them for the holidays. As I'm on SCITT, it may be tricky to leave 2 weeks before the end but if I don't do this, I will be unpaid for August.Fair enough, no-one is benefitting from my great teaching in August but I am fed up with being skint and some of my fellow students are being paid twice for the holidays as SCITT schools and new jobs both pay for August. Don't want to turn down 'on a plate' job if it is usual to be unpaid between ITT and NQT.
    Also, job will be maternity cover - is this too risky for NQT year? I am old and gave up a lot of salary to do this so need to get cracking earning decnet money so can't waste time doing 'bits' of induction if maternity cover goes pear.
  2. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    Different schools do different things when it comes to pay. If, as an NQT you can get paid for the summer prior to the start of your contract then that's a bonus, but generally in teaching contracts run September to the end of August. Maternity cover is risky in terms of it means that the post holder can return at any point rendering you jobless with an incomplete NQT year. At the same time... any job is a good place to start in the current climate with many of last years graduates still trying to find a first appointment so unless you have anything else worth applying for, I would hold onto it baring in mind that you need to keep your eyes peeled for another position.
  3. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Those who get paid for the summer holidays before taking up their first qualified post are paid on the Unqualified scale until 31st August as QTS is generally conferred in August ready for the start of the school year.
    As you are doing a Maternity Cover, they won't pay you for the time preceding your start date as they will still be paying the permanent postholder until you take over.
    The important thing is that you have a post to start Induction and, hopefully, to finish it.
    One issue to watch out for is that the postholder may decide to 'return' to work on the first day of the summer break in 2012 and, as the regulations stand, the postholder then resumes full pay and you - the cover teacher on a fixed-term contract- stops getting pay. You could teach every day of the academic year and miss out on the 6 weeks of summer holiday pay!
    One wasy to remedy that would be to be employed from the start of the school year on full supply daily rate which is the annual salary divided by the 195 day. Work every day and the 5 INSETs and you'd be paid the full annual salary. Supply Daily Rate includes up-front holiday pay. 25% of it is holiday pay as you earn a day 's holiday for each 3 days in work (just like contracted teachers who work in 39 school weeks and get 13 paid holiday weeks).
    Daily rate works out well for supply teachers in the Autumn term as you generate more holiday pay weeks than the 3 weeks in the middle and at the end of that term.
    The summer term is the best one to be on a contract IF you know you will get paid until 31st August at least.
    The downsides of supply daily rate are that you don't get paid if you're off sick, even if injured at work and may not be asked to come in on INSET days. You don't build up your record for paid sick leave either (it increases for contracted work undertaken). The school can dispense with your services with 24 hours notice. You have to wait an extra month for your pay (Sept work paid for at the end of October, not the end of September as with contract work).
    You may want the security of the fixed-term contract. Look at the notice period. It won't be as long as for permanent contract teachers. One month is my guess (my last one), so you could jump ship mid-year if you found a permanent contract elsewhere.


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