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NQT Pay Scale Question

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by atmosworld, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. atmosworld

    atmosworld New commenter

    Hi All,

    I am an NQT (I became QTS in October and started my NQT Induction in Jan) and I am on the Main pay scale - point 3. My question being, if I was to start at a new school this September (I would still be an NQT for one term), would I automatically go up to point 4, or could the school keep me on point 3?

  2. You will move up to point 4, providing you have been teaching for 26 weeks.
  3. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Pay progression is not affected by where you are on Induction. Pay progression is made solely on weeksemployed as a teacher by the LA. A week for pay progression purposes can be just one day of work per week.
    An NQT working a 0.2 contract would take 5 years to complete Induction but, assuming they started on M1, they'd be on M5 in their fifth year and would be able to apply for Threshold in the following school year after completing Induction.
    If your only LA paid work has been from Jan 2011 and you are on a contract, you will easily achieve the 26 weeks of employment required to move up the payscale in September. Yo u can count all the holiday weeks and weeks when you are absent from work on sick leave
    If employed on supply daily rate, pay progression might not happen as there are not 26 separate calendar weeks in the Spring and summer terms.
  4. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Don't let your school sort it out! They don't even understand the pay regulations.
    Contact your old LA and ask for a statement of duration of employment on M1. Pass that to salaries/HR at the LA. Ring them first to find out who deals with such matters.
    I've had to do the above on two occasions (as a supply teacher in 2 LAs at the same time). Until I reached M6 I kept a tally of each calendar week when I was employed by one or other LA (or both). If I reached 26 weeks or more, I sent each LA pay department an update of my service with the other LA (with dates) and both then paid me on the next pay point in the new school year.
    When you get the arrears of paythey will be reduced by tax, NI and pension deductions (if you're paying into the TPS).
    For further money saving, have you been claiming tax relief on your Union subs and the GTC fee?
    If not, contact your Union and ask for a statement of what you paid them in each of the last few tax years (you can back-claim for the last 6 tax years ,if applicable). They then need to tell you what proportion of the subs is eleigible for tax relief. It varies with different Unions depending on their legal set-up and whether they have a political levy. You then write to your tax office (or send to your local tax office with your NI number) and claim a tax rebate on what you paid (20% rebate for Basic Rate taxpayers).
    With the GTC fee, the LA passes on £30 per year into your pay from the government but that is taxed and has NI deducted too. You pay £36-50 to the GTC and can claim 20% tax relief on that payment, making membership virtually free. Again, you can back claim for 6 tax years , if applicable but the amounts paid to the GTC were lower in some years.
    You can download tax relief forms from the GTC website (one for each tax year). Fill them in and send them to the Inland revenue, not the GTC.
  5. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Don't feel inadequate about not knowing. I'd put money on hardly any of your staff knowing about it. The Union magazines only started mentioning it a year or two back but I knew years ago as I read Inland Revenue booklets so that I claimed all allowances for my student rental property.
    I've put notices about it on staffroom boards in all the schools I've worked at on long-term supply and it's been a surprise in all of them.
    I went to an evening seminar on retirement and the Teachers' Pension (I get my pension in 2013) and the speaker from Teachers Assurance asked if we had all been claiming tax relief on Union subs. Hardly any of the teachers there (all in their 50s) knew about it.
    PE teachers can even claim tax relief on sports clothing and footwear that they use exclusively at work and can also claim tax relief on the laundry costs for the specialist work clothing.
  6. Thank you so much jubilee - other people on these forums have told me how brilliant your advice is and they certainly seem to be correct! I have an interview next Thursday for a post starting in September - will they automatically know to put me on M2 or do I need to tell them? I know it sounds a stupid question, but it's only my second interview since qualifying. Thank you again!
  7. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    If you have used a standard LA application form, you will have entered the M1 payscale that you are currently on. If you get the post, I would alert HR/Salaries/the school before September if you have met the 26 week qualifier. It will save being underpaid and having to chase up arrears later.

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