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Discussion in 'New teachers' started by Flower2603, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. My new school is a two form entry. My main concern is that my partner teacher is an NQT and has even less experience of a working environment than me, so we are two NQT's together. We are like two blind mice grappling around in the dark then bumping heads! The paperwork/assessment and planning are the main problems, we just don't know where to begin. We are starting to have a quick chat with some subject leaders so are getting a few directions here and there. It worries me that we have to teach the full timetable and plan lessons than the others teachers who have been there for year but we are feeling very lost and thrown in at the deep end right now. We do get PPA/NQT time, but its a case of, ok, where do I begin? We really have been totally left on our own. Is this common?
  2. Who is your NQT mentor? Your year group partners? Find them. Pick an afternoon after school (when you have time to talk) to meet. ASAP. Ask them EVERYTHING that's on your mind - however simple it may sound. If possible, could you all meet together one afternoon this week so you can plan for next week - even if it is just learning intentions, it will be something to get you started.
    Write down every date you are given. Take a diary to staff meetings to help. Don't be afraid to speak up when the Head asks, "Is everyone ok with that?" - if you haven't got a clue what they did last year, so we're doing it again, SHOUT. My NQT mentor was fab and did this for me, but you may need to do it yourself. It's ok - I still do it in meetings now if I don't understand.
    Find the National Strategy archived sites and use them as a guide to help with Literacy and Numeracy planning. Old QCA units, again archived, can help with Foundation Subject plans. Ask EVERY subject leader if the school follows a scheme of work.
    Finally, don't be worried. I felt exactly like this as an NQT. I still do, sometimes, but I love my job. Things get easier, you learn routines and planning is less of a mission. Remember, the children are the most important part of our job, so if we think we need help to meet their needs, then it is up to us to ask for it! SENCOs, subject co-ordinators, SLT, Heads are all there for the same thing - don't be scared to ask.
  3. I would have thougt it could happen but wouldn't have thought it was sensible. I started at a school last eyar with another NQT and we were placed in different year groups, one in 3 and one in 4. This was also a two form entry. We were also given a mentor who was NOT our aprtner teacher so that we could talk to our mentors about problems/issues without it affecting the relationship with the partner teacher. Personally I think this was a good idea.

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