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NQT observation

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by James_Williams, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. A single unsatisfactory observation is just an indictaion that the school has identifed some issues. If the school feel that as well as this obs they feel that you are making insufficient progress towards meeting induction then the school has a statutory duty to provide you with help and support. Simply giving feedback some thinsg to work on and then leaving you to it is not enough.
    The feedback and targets should indictae which standards you are failing to meet, and then provide you with sucess criteria so that you know if you are meeting their expectations.
    Induction does not progress term by term and if progress is insufficient you stop progressing. The terms are not graded as pass or fail you accumulate the time on induction and it is not until the third term that the school makes a recommendation of a pass or fail. Each term your progress is fed back to the LA and if there are issues the LA must be informed and the LA NQT adviser asked to intervene if necessary to moderate the judgement of the school and where necessary provide support.
    The lack of written feedback is an issue - to improve you should have a record of what the issues are and what the school expects for success - not providing this stops you from being able to work on the issues - a verbal comment is not enough. I would request the feedback in writing and state that the second observation could be postponed given the non-standard teaching period as well as the lack of timely feedback.

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