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NQT Observation Help!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by greem, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. Hi all!

    I'm having my observation for my second NQT term, because i have been observed in maths and literacy i have the choice to pick a lesson to be observed in.
    My original idea was to teach the science lesson i had already planned which is "how can i keep my hot chocolate warm?" with the ch working in pairs to predict and conduct the experiment by wrapping cups in different materials and seeing which material is the best thermal insulator. However, there is another NQT in the same age phase as me and she is also being observed on the same day and also wants to teach science and a similar lesson. I am a bit apprehensive to teach the same lesson as the other NQT as we may both be compared to each other and we are both hoping of a job becoming available at the end of our year.

    Another idea i have is to continue my Re topic, which is Easter. The lesson i would be doing is about the last supper and i was thinking of discussing special meals we have and why we have them and ch writing (la drawing) on a plate a special meal they have had. Then reading the story of the last supper, showing a video of the eucharist and then ch continuing to write their easter story by describing the last supper. As they would be learning how symbolism from the last supper is continued today.

    I feel my science will be a bit more WOW! but i am scared that the management might be harder - as there will be warm water and times when ch are taking the measurements some could get distracted and I also don't want to be too compared to the other NQT but i don't feel my RE has the wow!

    Has anyone got any help, ideas?

    Sorry about the long message!!
  2. After 10 years in the job regarding observations I sometimes still forget that the only thing that matters in a lesson ob is children making progress during it. Full stop. No whizziness, range of questions jumping about, using whizzy resources-basically ticking off group by group did they make good progress by the end of a lesson? If all 3/4/5 groups make progress youll get a good, if one of more doesnt make good proress youll get a satisfactory, if the vast majority of children dont, youll get an unsatisfactory
  3. Thank you all for you fab advice :)

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