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NQT needs friends.

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by KimberleyC123, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Hello :) First post here.

    I moved to Luton from Cumbria in October 2011 to begin my teaching career.
    I have obviously made lots of friends within school but don't really have any friends out of school - except my housemate, but yea, we are far from friends...

    Just wondering if there are any other teachers in Luton who feel the same.

  2. thattallteacher

    thattallteacher New commenter

    Hi im in exactly the same boat as you
    I moved down from Leeds, leaving loads of friends. To come live in Milton Keynes and teach quite close to Luton. So if you fancy a pint one night (or any people from mk) in the hols let me know

  3. That would be lovely :)
  4. thattallteacher

    thattallteacher New commenter

    Just Pmd you my details

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