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NQT Mentor

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by kate.button, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. My school has a policy of having your Head of Department as a mentor. The department I work in however is deemed "unsatisfactory" and the Head of Department facing formal complaints.
    I have asked that this person is not my mentor, but have been told that this is not possible, as it is school policy.
    What are my rights in this situation?
  2. It is the Head's responsibility to appoint a mentor for a NQT and to ensure that the person appointed is able to carry out their duties effectively. You cannot choose your mentor but you can put in writing your concerns. My advice would be that rather than attack the person (i.e. they face formal complaints) register concerns about placing too much stress on them looking after a NQT given their other responsibilities (e.g. leading the department out of 'unsatisfactory' - is this a school or OFSTED rating?). If you lodge concerns, then should things not happen according to the statutory guidance you can refer back to your concerns and ask that the policy be reviewed.
    You must carry our your responsibilities to the best of your abilities which I'm sure you will, but also mainatyin a check that the mentor is doing the same.
    In the case of the issue not beinmg resolved you can contact the LA adviser for help in reviewing the mentor appointment - but keep it professional - if it is put in terms of not wishing to pressurise and overwork the HOD then you cannot be accused or having a go at that person or a p[ersonality clash.
    The Head sets the policy for the school and has control there is no statutory guidance that would cover this eventuality.
    Read and be familiar with the gudiance.

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