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nqt meetings don't want to rock the boat

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Kidders, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Kidders

    Kidders New commenter

    I am currently working at a small school but bit concerned that I very rarely meet with my nqt mentor. On pgce we had weekly meetings with their nqts as part of our cpd but here I've only had 3 official meetings and obviously follow up talks about observations. There is no programme in place for me to cover things like at other schools. My mentor has said to see her whenever I like but I'm pretty sure there should be an official programme? Also I do meet with my hod once a week but that's very subject specific and sometimes just about a problem class rather than induction!

    I really like my mentor and don't want to rock the boat but am I not getting something I should be?
  2. thequillguy

    thequillguy New commenter

    It can vary. I only had three meetings over the year, although I found that my working relationships with a few colleagues provided the ample support. Some schools, as you say, have support programmes in place. If yours doesn't, then speak to friends in other schools and see if your LEA runs one. My LEA had an atrocious time with an errant AST who only put on two sessions out of six, but then his school has been shut done since so that figures.
  3. There is no official progranmme that schools must implement for mentor meetings - though you should be observed at least 6 times during the year and have a feedback meeting for each. At the end of each term there should be an official meeting to complete the required LA paperwork. Inbetween it is a matter between theNQT and the mentor - have a chat with your mentor and see how they feel about more regular contact.
    The Sage
  4. Kidders

    Kidders New commenter

    Thank you for that clear response! Makes me feel a lot better knowing I'm not missing out on anything important and probably due to the size of school whole school programme is unnecessary.

    I am due another formal obstructing this term and will receive feedback etc so think it's ok
  5. smoothnewt

    smoothnewt Star commenter

    I suggest that you be pro-active and create your own programme. Use the C standards as a basis. Think about any guidance or support you may need in evidencing them. Those that are subject -specific you can work on with your HoD. Where the more general standards are concerned, you could maybe use certain of these as a basis for calling a meeting with your mentor, so as to have a specific focus. You could discuss the best ways of evidencing them with this person.
  6. Kidders

    Kidders New commenter

    This is a great suggestion thank you! Can you think of anything that might be a good focus to get me on the right track? Problem is I don't really know what is useful stuff to cover, hence lack of me going to her with suggestions! :-\
  7. smoothnewt

    smoothnewt Star commenter

    Do you have your own paper copy of the core standards? If not, you need to print one off. May I suggest that you also print off the new standards which are to come into operation in September. You can then see how old and new compare. (I heard last week from our borough HR person that these are actually to come into operation sooner, and have emailed her for further details.) Read each standard and try to create your own matrix which outlines how you are going to evidence that standard. I don't have my standards list in front of me right now, but take, for instance, the standard which talks about comunicating effectively with parents: have you evidence of parents' evenings you have attended, emails you can print off, records of phone conversations, letters sent home? That evidence can be paper based, whereas other standards may be evidenced only through observation (relationships with your pupils, etc). Where you are stuck, that's where you might like to seek guidance from your mentor.
  8. Kidders

    Kidders New commenter

    Again thank you for the reply! Do I really need to print details of parents' evenings etc, isn't it obvious by writing attended all parents' evenings that i have been to them? Or is 'paper' evidence necessary?

    I have a soft copy of the standards that I make additions to as and when, but mostly I'm putting down things like - attended CPD, inset etc or Lesson plans and observations. Do I require more specific evidence such as *see lesson plan dated 13th March 2012 ??

    Thanks again and sorry if this is really obvious stuff! I will pass on all info to my mentor next week to enable a clear plan of action!
  9. smoothnewt

    smoothnewt Star commenter

    There appears to be no statutory requirement governing how one evidences the standards. When I started acting as nqt coordinator I emailed the borough HR contact, who is extremely helpful, but she simply said that nothing is set in stone. In our borough we have folder based evidence, but how this is organised varies from school to school. Each standard has some kind of paper based evidence, so for example where parents evenings are concerned, if the person writing your assessment document states that you have attended x parents' evenings, you can photocopy this, highlight the relevant statement in the document and insert that in your file as evidence of that standard. If you have attended any CPD courses you could annotate any handouts you may have received, stating how you have incorporated what you have learnt into your practice, and insert these into your folder of evidence. To be honest I find all this paper collecting a bit of a nonsense but is a game that has to be played.

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