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NQT Jobs in Wales

Discussion in 'Cymru - education news' started by freya_victoria, Nov 22, 2015.

  1. freya_victoria

    freya_victoria New commenter

    I am currently in the process of completing my final year at university and therefore starting to look for jobs.

    I have heard that there is a possibility that I would be unable to complete my NQT year in a Welsh independent school that does not teach Welsh.

    I was just wondering if anyone would be able to confirm that this is accurate?

    Thank you for your help
  2. thepolyglot

    thepolyglot New commenter

    Isn't Welsh a mandatory subject up to GCSE?
  3. heno

    heno New commenter

    Not sure, but from what I understand Independant schools don't have to follow the national curriculum. So they don't have to teach Welsh if they don't want to, they might for instance teach mandarin instead. Also independent schools don't have to be inspected by ESTYN, they can pay to be inspected by a different organisation that only inspects independent schools. Even then they dont have to do it. Also the teachers or anyone else dont have to be members of the EWC (Education workforce committee). So apart from DBS checks, if a member of staff misbehaves in some way they can just go away and pop up in another school without anyone knowing anything! You don't even have to be a qualified teacher or have a degree to teach there! It's totally up to the ibdependNt school! If you dig a bit there are a few "well known" independent schools in Wales who have very good A level results, but look at their GCSE results in some cases they are BELOW the county average! A level results are excellent because that when they dish the scholarships out to offer free or greatly reduced fees to children who had great GCSE results from the local comprehensive schools. Also the Independant schools do not have to offer the agreed pay that teChers get in stTe schools, so actually (especially in Wales), you will in all probability earn less! And you will not go up the pay spine like you do in state schools. You will have to take on more responsibility, including weekends, going away on trips (weeks at a time), if it's a boarding school sometimes staying overnight etc. Also they do not have to fund your CPD like state schools, so it's far easier to fall behind. I know a deputy head that spent 10 years in a private school as a result he is finding it very difficult to get a job in a state school, he didn't even know what a good scheme of work looked like! As they didn't do SOW in his Independant school! Think very hard before going to work in n independNt school, they often don't have the same "safety" features and pros that state schools have and ounce there you might actually find it hard to get a job in a state school in Wales. They can terminate your contract according to the work contract you signed which will have completely different things included compared to a state teaching contract, check the notice they state they will give you to terminate your contract. Check what pension if any they are providing, check what CPD you will be allowed to have. All in all I believe that what you have found out is probably correct as the Independant schools basically can do what they want, so it would be difficult to complete NQT year there as they probably don't follow the national curriculum (Welsh is part of the NC in Wales). So if the school does not offer Welsh in any way then I can't see how you can complete your NQT there.

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