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NQT job hunting

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by KSmiling, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. KSmiling

    KSmiling New commenter

    Hi Everyone,
    Are any NQTs our there still job hunting? If so have you been told some schools may not be hiring until Jan 2021?
  2. profillffug

    profillffug New commenter

    There are still plenty of jobs being advertised so I would imagine NQTs could find a school with a position. Particularly if they looked at international schools.
  3. Hellfyre

    Hellfyre New commenter

    I still am.
    I've signed up to an agency in the meantime.
  4. strawbs

    strawbs Established commenter

    There may also be schools offering short term "intervention/catch up" type posts. Not ideal for an NQT maybe, but could fill a gap until Jan
  5. KSmiling

    KSmiling New commenter

    Hi There,
    Many thanks for your replies. I live in Lincolnshire and am considering moving to Yorkshire or London as jobs as have seen few vacancies in my area. I teach English but also thinking about offering art and Geography as I have A levels in these subjects. Does anyone know whether I have to do additional training to offer these subjects?
  6. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    You don't have to have any additional training, but if you were applying for an art or geography post, you would have to sell yourself as better than candidates who have some training/experience in teaching the subject. However saying that you are also happy to teach some KS3 art/geography might be an advantage if it turns out the school needs less than full-time hours in English but is also a bit short in art/geography.
  7. debrawadsley

    debrawadsley New commenter

    Hi - I am surprised you say this as there are lots of teaching posts for English In Lincolnshire (especially NE Lincs). Register with more than one agency ASAP. I’m sure you won’t need to relocate. I’m an MFL teacher in the county and there’s not much happening yet. This coming week (24 Aug) should see some movement.
  8. cheekyme01

    cheekyme01 New commenter

    What's the teaching posts for English like in the North West? It seems to be extremely quiet and haven't seen anything.

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