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NQT: is it normal to struggle?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Tintin_tintin, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Tintin_tintin

    Tintin_tintin New commenter

    Teacher in a year 2/3 class. Recent la review highlighted good behaviour management, enthusiasm, ideas, differentiation...but fell short on cursive modelling for examples, and teaching year 2 some year 3 stuff in maths such as column addition and subtraction to my ha...

    Struggling to get my head around the curriculum, one person says to do one thing...then someone says to do it opposite. Is it common to feel like up and down? Is it common for nqts to maybe fail there first term review ,does it hold you back when being assessed for your final one? Confidence whacked from this review. Any helps welcome
  2. J.M.Powell

    J.M.Powell New commenter

    Don’t despair! There are lots of positive points in your first review. I wouldn’t expect you to have no points for development after only one term, so seek advice about how to improve on the identified points and don’t regard them as criticism-experienced teachers are reflecting on the impact they’ve made and are learning all the time. You’ve got your whole NQT year to get all the standards under your belt.
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  3. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    NQT induction is 3 terms for a good reason. It takes time to establish yourself.If there are weaknesses in your teaching then they can be identified and support provided. The areas you describe are more about subject familiarity The curriculum is a mess and needs a National overhaul
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  4. rosepetal12

    rosepetal12 New commenter

    Well done for all your positives on your review. You seem to have got some of the main things in teaching under your belt. I don't think I was that good in my NQT year...so it sounds like you're doing fabulously. I think the areas for improvement are relatively minor and easily fixed (e.g. the cursive writing)

    Yes, the NQT year is tough - I remember feeling overwhelmed with masses of information. I just had one focus of improvement and worked on that one thing and then moved onto the next. Just one step at a time is the way to go...

    It's very common in teaching for different people to say different things. There is no consensus in teaching about what the most effective methods are, or even what the main aims are - so incorporate feedback that is useful and try to forget the rest.
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  5. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Yes, it is quite normal to struggle, Tintin_tintin, if you are teaching in the UK. You have to struggle with all kinds of crazy things like colleagues being away for months with stress-related illness, insane hoiuse prices, teacher-bashing in the media etc., etc. Therefore my advice is to get a teaching job overseas.

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