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NQT Interview - Reception

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by soosoorocket, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. Hi all

    I am an NQT and have an interview for a Reception class early next week. I've only known since Thursday so I don't have very long to prepare.

    It is a C of E school and as I have never taught in EYFS before I was hoping that some of you may be able to shed some light on the types of questions I may be asked during my interview? I have spent hours already reading through the Framework and assessment points and read up on indoor and outdoor provision, but as there is so much information I'm feeling very anxious about it.

    Thank you so much!
  2. Hi,
    I am an EYP so my whole job is about leading the EYFS, although I work in a pre-school not reception. What is it that you most worried about to with the EYFS ?
  3. Hi, thank you so much for your reply.

    Mainly differentiation, questioning and also actually working out what the main learning objective will be so that I can present it to the class. I have planned out my lesson based around a story but have also included numeracy, music and pshe-type links and I just can't seem to choose one or two main learning objectives. It is heavily related to knowledge and understanding of the world.

    Sorry if I seem absolutely clueless, but i just feel that the school is a perfect fit for me and as it has been rated as 'outstanding' by Ofsted I want to show them that I would be capable of working at that level.
  4. That's ok, don't worry the EYFS is difficult to get your head around at first. First of all I think you need to decided what your main aims of the activity are I.e to learn about the struture of stories for example them you will find it easier to decided on learning objectives. Don't over complicate the activity the most effective activity are those that are simple but done well, i hope this is helpful, don't hesitate to ask me anything else you needto know
  5. hurny

    hurny New commenter

    Here's a link to an early years website which gives advice on interviews:
    With regards to interview questions, you might also need to talk about phonics, check whether they have a particular phonics scheme. Also how you would set out all areas of learning in and outdoors. How you will monitor the children's learning is quite an important one.
    I was in the same position as you last year, so know exactly what you are going through.
    I am now nearing the end of my NQT year and although it's been hard work, I have really enjoyed working in a reception class.
    Good luck.
  6. Thank you so much, both of you! You've been really helpful!
    I'm so nervous it's ridiculous but hopefully It won't come across to the observers during the lesson/interview (at least 4 I've been told!!).
    I've written answers to the questions you've suggested as well as some others I've found so fingers crossed it goes well :)

    Thanks again!

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