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NQT Interview place value Y1

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by ryanneb, Apr 30, 2019.

  1. ryanneb

    ryanneb New commenter

    Hi there I have my first teaching interview on Thursday and have been asked to teach a Y1 class a 40 minute lesson on place value. And do an interactive reading session for EYFS.

    For the maths I was thinking about showing a video on place value and playing a class matching game of putting a number with a pictorial representation and then the written number.
    For the activities I was thinking about giving LA worksheets which they could stick and draw on the pictorial representation and for MA and HA give them egg boxes which they have to shake and a counter will land in a number (at the bottom of the egg box, and then they segment the number into place value eg. 18 is 10 and 8, and they would represent this.
    For the EYFS I was thinking about reading a yoga book which will engage the children, and we could upgrade words from big to massive.

    Any advise on this would be amazing or any ideas on activities. TIA

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