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NQT Interview Advice

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by jinxit, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Hi I was just hoping for some advice on the forum for a year 4 30 mins group session to promote thinking skills. I can do it through any subject but the first thing that came to mind was getting the children in pairs to work through some interesting maths problems using props. I'm kind of stuck on the idea of something mathematical but it's not my strongest subject. Other ideas I had are PSHE related and doing some team building activities. Can anyone offer any advice?
  2. Any lesson objective? Any of your own thoughts and ideas?
  3. Have you researched De Bonos thinking hats?
    I'm sure we had a lecture on it, i could probs send you a powerpoint if i can find it.
  4. Numeracy
    Lo To solve a given problem by organising and interpreting data in a simple table
    I was going to give them a problem about two pirates who stole three precious jewels and the children in pairs would have to brainstorm all the different ways the pirates could share the precious jewels between them by putting it into a table.
    Lo To offer reasons and evidence for own viewpoints
    I was going to read them a short story about them getting shipwrecked and in pairs they would have to brainstorm 6 items they could have to help them survive until they got rescued and explain why it would benefit them.
    I just find what they are looking for so broad!

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