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NQT Induction Requirements for Primary

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by fresha_k, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. I know this question may have been absolutely exhausted but, as I'm sure you'll understand, as an NQT I really need exact clarification for my own peace of mind and career sake!
    I'm currently doing supply work after qualifying in December with a BA (Hons) Primary Education with QTS degree; and have been offered a fixed contract up until the end of this academic year to cover PPA for the whole school (Reception - Year 6) but solely teaching PE. Although I'm not planning the subject at this stage, in the pipeline it is highly possible I will be given the job to teach PE as the subject teacher (so I will be planning and assessing for every year group).
    So my question is - when i begin the job in September will this count towards my induction year? I'm Primary trained so does that mean I have to teach every subject to meet the core standards? I can certainly incorporate English, Maths and ICT into the subject but I'm just wondering if I need to have taught more than one subject to complete my induction. I'm aware that, "once an NQT has QTS they can teach any age range and subject" but there has been so much confusion between myelf and other NQTs about whether QTS is gained once completed induction, despite us having certificates staing we HAVE gained QTS!
    Apologies for the lengthy question, I've tried to provide as much detail as possible to my specific situation.
    Any accurate advice is MUCH appreciated!!
    Many thanks in advance,
  2. Hi
    Your current post covering PPA time does not qualify for induction but a post that allows you to carry out the full rangfe of duties as a teacher should allow you to start induction. Ultimately it is the LA that determines if the post you have qualifies for induction. My reaction is that from the information you have supplied it should, but the LA would ask for more detail on the post and talk to the head, possibly you as well. So my advice would be to get the school to contact the LA person in charge of NQTs and check that the post qualifies for induction. Induction is about meeting the core standards and that can be done as a subject specialist or a primary generalist. It can also be done in a subject/age range for whxcich you have not been trained, but there is no allowance given for the fact that you are untrained in a subject should anything go wrong.
    You gain QTS once your training provider recommends this to the GTC and the GTC send you a certificate to this effect - your QTS status remains regardless of your ability to complete induction or not. All that happens is that you name is removed from the register of teachers allowed to work in state maintained schools should ytou fail induction. If you pass induction then your name remains on the register and you have confirmed QTS for working in the state sector.
  3. Thank you very much for your detailed response - I will be inquiring further with the school. Fingers crossed!
    Thanks again

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