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NQT in year 1 in September - need advice please

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by star17, May 14, 2011.

  1. Good luck with getting the job :) I'm an NQT in Year 1 at the moment. Will depend on your school as to whether you get to go in and meet the Reception children or not, sure something could be arranged if you ask. You will be given class list and SEN notes and their Early Years profile scores. It can be easy to spend lots of your own money on school stuff so don't start manically buying stuff as they may have everything you need. I just found it useful to purchase some plastic baskets for each table to keep their pencils, colours etc as the classroom didn't have any and I got some nice stickers.
    As the pupils are coming up from Early Years they will have profile scores for different areas, it is worth time looking at these to see where the gaps are. It is unlikely they will have an assessment for you to use the first week back, I would tend to use the profile scores and set up some practical literacy and numeracy activities based on these results for them to complete.
    I know it is tempting to get as much as done possible before you start but really until you get into school you can't get much done in advance. The most useful things you can do is familiarise yourself with the Literacy and Numeracy framework for Year 1 so that you start to get an idea of the objectives (though if you've been Year 1 you'll know these). Let me know if any more questions, v.happy to help if I can.
  2. Many thanks for the replies, much appreciated.
    I am currently doing a Primary PGCE and I have no experience of the early years. When I finish my placement, I'm going to go down to reception and try and get my head around it. Am I right in thinking that in reception, they have goals to meet. What happens if the chn have not met these goals?

    When I do my assessments in the first week, would it be just for literacy and numeracy? Should I get them to do something simple like a recount of what they did in the holiday? With Numeracy, should I get them to do some counting work, adding, take away etc. I'm sorry if I come across really stupid but I'm not sure what exactly I'm meant to be doing and I really want to do well and enjoy my first year of teaching and not let the school down. Also, would I be able to ask somebody in the school to check if I have levelled their work in the first week correctly or would this look really bad if I did that?

    The school do continuous provision, again I have no experience of this. How would this work? Do you have any more tips?
  3. Yes Early Years pupils are working towards the Early Learning Goals. This document explains it the best http://nationalstrategies.standards.dcsf.gov.uk/node/113520?uc=force_uj. If pupils have not met these goals you will need to help the pupils to fill these gaps in the first term of Year 1. I found it useful to have a piece of unaided writing written in the first week to see where they are at in terms of their writing so a recount of what they did in their holiday would be good (always nice to look back to later in the year to remind yourself of their progress!) Yes Numeracy I would assess basic number skills as you said through short practical activities. I would say it is fine to ask somebody to check your assessments but shouldn't imagine you'd need to assign a 'level' as such yourself as you will have that data already from their profile.
    I found this book incredibly useful for my first term teaching Year 1 as like you I had no Early Years experience and it explains all about continuous provision and how to gain a balance of formal adult led teaching with opportunities for children to learn through play. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Moving-Key-Stage-Transition-Foundation/dp/0335238467/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1305398102&sr=8-1
  4. You are truly a star! Many thanks for your help. I am going to order that book and hopefully it will help. How have you found your nqt year in year 1? Do you have any more tips for me? Did you have much experience of delivering phonic sessions before your NQT year? I've had very limited experience of phonics. Are there any sites or books that you could recommend that would help me get up to scratch with phonics? Would it be likely that they will have already covered some of the phases in reception?
  5. Your welcome. I've had loads of help from here so nice to be able to help for once! My NQT year has been quite challenging, to be honest for a few reasons, but it does get better as the year progresses. No I hadn't had much experience of teaching phonics before. My school follows Letters and Sounds, the National Strategies programme. According to this programme Year 1 children should be working on Phase 5 in Year 1 (Phase 1 is ongoing and phase 2, 3 and 4 are taught in Reception). However, it is very likely that some of your children will be still working at the lower phases so you need to have a knowledge of all the phases. We set for phonics across the year group I teach so I teach the Phase 5 children and my colleague teaches the children working at Phase 3/4 though not sure if your school will split.
    I just read the Letters and Sounds stuff on National Strategies site as this covers all of what they need to know but I know you can buy specific books on phonics from amazon/other places if you did want to find out more.
  6. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Why on earth would you do that?
    You will probably arrange to go in some time in June or July to be introduced to the current reception class, get a list of names and their levels, pick up SOW and collect some materials for making resources for the first week or so.
    If the school have a reward system and encourage small prizes, those should be provided by school. If not, stick with star stickers etc provided by school.
    The only things you should be buying, if not available in school, would be things like recommended books on behaviour management etc which you would keep for your early career in any school and may well already have from your ITT route.
    It should be useful to shadow their current teacher for a day or so to see how the children respond to his/her strategies. Aim to replicate some of their current routines from September to ease their transition to Yr1 and change things gradually as they settle down with you.

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