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NQT in year 1 in September - need advice please

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by verityed, May 16, 2011.

  1. Hi -
    I so know how you feel. I would like to know those answers to!
  2. If you have the time offer to go into school as much as you can to learn from the Year 1 teacher who is already in there. Find out how they plan, organise class etc. Take a list of questions and find out information to put your mind at ease. Go and spend time in reception too so you can meet the children who will be moving up to Y1. Good luck
  3. Hi,

    Well done on getting the job!

    I'm an NQT and before I started this year, the school held a day where each class met their new classmates and teacher, if the new teachers could attend - not all of them could. I taught my class for 2 hours (getting to know you activities) and then I went back to work with some of them again. Only once, although I intended to do more! I also attended the end of year parents evening where parents and pupils could meet their new teachers. Again, this is what my school wanted me to do.

    Don't buy anything for your new class until you have been to see the room and spoken to the teacher who currently has it. If they are leaving the school, they may leave things for you. All I really bought was 25 A4 folders to keep exercise books in. School was open for the last week of the summer holidays, so, assuming yours is, I'd leave it until then to buy anything and check what has been left in your classroom. The first day was a training day, and we planned the first week's activities on that day as a year group.

    Don't panic, and I know you're excited, but trust me, the school won't even have thought about most of that yet!
  4. Oh, and it sounds slightly counter productive, but I was warned against spending too much time with the class before I started teaching them. This was so that the children didn't start seeing me as more of a TA than a teacher. Remember at that point in time you won't be disciplining them and you won't have any wish to. Having said that, I was in year 4 not year 1.

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