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NQT in third term failing

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by ianrowe09, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Hi
    I am an NQT and I have taken up employment for the summer term in a new school on a temporary contract. Prior to this I completed two terms of my induction year in another school. My school have told me that I am a cause for concern and after an observation by the SIP she also said I'm a concern. I feel this is unfair and I don't agree but I have been agreeing with what they have been saying as I don't know what to said.
    They have completely demolished my confidence and I dread going into school everyday. I haven't been supported like I should and certainly not like my previous school.
    So basically I have completed two terms and I am going to fail the all important last term. What can I do? Can I resign and keep the chance to do the last term again elsewhere as I know if I fail I cannot teach again.
  2. Hi, it sounds as if it is a nightmare scenario (that I coud also be in soon if I get a term's contract). Firstly well done in getting an additional term's work. On the other hand and far more important and with its possible consequences you have been unlucky to find a school with which you may not fit or with the way the leadership team wants things.
    It is crucial you make a decision and quickly. There are only a few weeks left and it seems to me that each time you are going into this school you are effectively nailing your own teaching coffin. Get out now and save your career that could last a long time.......or stay there and prepare to be unemployed for a long time (possibly). I am saying it as it is, as I have been in that kind of atmosphere and it is terrible. You need to get out (my opinion), people on this forum might tell you to appeal and so forth, but if you stay there you are going to fail. You can't risk even prolonging induction for the fear of failing, you must be a good teacher and often a newcomer is frowned upon for being this. I have also PM'd you.
  3. Thanks for the advice. Is it possible then to get out now? There are 4 weeks left of term and if there is a possibility of being able to keep my induction year open then I want to do that. I've studied for 4 years to be a teacher and I do enjoy it which was evident in my first school where I passed the first two terms successfully. What would happen though if I got out now with regared to my induction year? Will this term be forgotten about? Sorry for my ignorance - what does PM'd mean? I haven't used the forum before.
  4. PM = Personal Message
    Yes it is possible, as you say you are not enjoying it so just resign and say you can't offer your services any more. They cannot fail you unless they have had the FINAL assessment with your mentor/tutor with you present. You can keep your induction year open until you get another contract with another school. The school will inform the LEA themselves and after you resign they can't to any more damage. There could be consequences if you do not have a legitimate reason to leave though, so you have to visit your doctor or similar to get signed off (worst case scenario).
    You can then start your last term afresh September onwards.
  5. Thanks for your help, it isn't a nice situation to be in and has quite upset me.
    I have PM'd you back

  6. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    It isn't quite as simple as resigning and so not completing the term.

    If you are on a fixed term contract you cannot just up and leave part way through without any comeback. In your contract there should be a clause about notice periods. If you break that, which at this late stage you almost certainly will, then you are in breach of contract, which is very serious. Remember you will need a reference from this school.

    You need to talk to your mentor and say you are thinking of leaving early if possible in order to be able to redo your final term in a different school. Then speak to your HT about breaking your contract, which they can give you permission to do if they believe it to be the best solution for all. Then you need to contact the LA to let them know you are not completing your final term. (Your school should do this, but you might want to just to ensure it is done.)

    I do see that leaving early, without completing induction might be the best outcome, but be very careful that you leave with a good chance of getting a reference. You will not be in a good position to get a new post and will find it tricky anyway. Without a reference, you have almost no chance for quite sometime.
  7. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Are you on a contract or on daily paid supply work?
    If the former, you need to resign your post a.s.a.p. It will be a fixed-term contract and will not have the long notice period of a permanent teaching contract. I suspect 2 weeks' notice or a month's is what is required. Contact your Union for help.
    If daily paid, give the required notice (probably 24 hours) and leave.
    By leaving the employment before the end of the term, a verdict cannot be made on your Induction and the time served so far in this 3rd term of Induction is null and void. You can start your final term again elsewhere.
    At your next school, the only Induction paperwork that they will see will be the copy reports on your first 2 Induction terms as there will be no term 3 documents.
    If you are supply daily rate, you could avoid even mentioning the current school on your CV/application forms by recording the time under your agency/LA supply service employment and then describing it as temporary teaching at various schools in the area.
    Just to comment on the reply from another poster: you have no control over getting an extended Induction. The LA Induction advisor can authorise one if they are called in (has that happened?) but otherwise it's probably a non-starter.
    An Induction Fail can be challenged but you'd need to be able to prove that the school did not conduct your Induction properly (the fact of your last school having been more supportive does not necessarily mean that the current school has failed in its Induction duties). Carrying on and hoping for a successful appeal is VERY risky and I wouldn't adopt that course.
    When an appeal is upheld, the NQT may end up with all their Induction being cancell, though it's more likely that only the last term would be annulled if the other 2 were undertaken at another school and there were no concerns by that school about the candidates likelihood of passing Induction.
  8. girlychemist

    girlychemist New commenter

    I was in this position. Did a term in one school and passed without any problems. Moved suply contract to another school completed a term with no real hassle. Third term? Let's just say ended up challenging the decision (told to me 8 days after end of contract) sucessfully.
    Make sure you can evidence everything and don't give up. I will say though that I had the support of the first school and the LEA official involved was totally evenhanded and professional.
    But can I now find a school who'll take me on for term 3? I'm looking into going into a school without pay just to get the minimum number of days completed.
    Good luck.
  9. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    I'm afraid that working for free won't be possible. You have to be employed to be able to undertake Induction.
  10. Minnieminx and Jubilee are the ones to listen to here.
  11. minnieminx and Jubilee are spot on here.
  12. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    Talk with your union and seek their advice and help- the rep is likely to know the school situation. It is possible to leave before the end of term leaving the final assessment to be made elsewhere but there could also be other options such as an LA extension depending upon your individual circumstances. There is also the LA named person for induction who can support.

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