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Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Laura Moffatt, May 4, 2012.

  1. Dear Sage
    I am an NQT starting my induction year at a pupil referral unit on Tuesday. I am 46 am I entitled to a Special Needs Allowance in my salary?
  2. Dear Sage
    I am an NQT starting my induction year at a pupil referral unit on Tuesday. I am 46 am I entitled to a Special Needs Allowance in my salary?
  3. GloriaSunshine

    GloriaSunshine New commenter

    Can you do induction in a PRU? I thought the answer was usually no, but perhaps things have changed. When I worked in a PRU, all teachers got one SEN point. Now, in the same unit (that has now merged with another), only teachers teaching core subjects get one. Not sure how that has happened but when they advertise, they state MPS (+ SEN allowance) for those posts attracting the point. Other posts don't offer it. Did the advert or any correspondence suggest there was an allowance?
  4. Dear Gloria
    there was no advert and i didn't apply for it but have been offered it when i applied for something else. That,s why I feel in the dark. But yes, they have taken advice and i can complete NQT in PRU. It's a primary PRU and I will only have 2 pupils at first, both of whom are currently on exclusion from the PRU!
  5. GloriaSunshine

    GloriaSunshine New commenter

    I would seek confirmation about the SEN point - only your employer will be able to tell you this and, at the same time, confirm that you are registered with the LA for induction. I don't see how you will meet the standards teaching two students. Make sure that the unit will definitely do your induction, not just be willing to do it. It will be the LA who decides, I think, not the PRU. That said, even if it doesn't count for induction, it's experience, a job and it doesn't mean you can't apply elsewhere and give the appropriate notice. Just make sure you know what you're accepting.
  6. The current NQT statutory guidance does not allow induction to take place in a PRU. From September changes mean that induction may be completed in a PRU, but the LA will have the final say on whetrher or not the post is suitable for induction. I would check when your inducvtion will begin, normally it begins when you begin your post, but it may be that the advice given is that induction will start once trhe new induction statutory guidance comes into effect in September. As this is a period of transition from old to new statutory guidnace it would be better to be safe than sorry so do check on the exact situation - yopu should be able to go to the LA diurect to ensuire that things are all settled.
    Your salary is that determined by the school and agreed by you so again check what their offer actually states. Do not assume allowances.
    The Sage

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