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NQT in Nursery - passing induction yr

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Doodlem, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. That sounds like a load of rubbish to me.... I did my NQT year teaching nursery last year.
    Some schools do like to push the boundaries of what is suitable training for NQT's - I had to use a lot of my nqt/ppa time to 'experience' other year groups (i.e. be a supply teacher)
  2. Hiya Doodlem, Its good to hear from someone who has done their NQT year in Nursery (and you have survived - there is hope afterall!) I am generally really lucky with my support, and have not yet had to cover in other classes, although we are only one term in! Are you still in Nursery now?
  3. Coolgiraffe, you make a good point, I will give that a try!
  4. It will get easier, I found my NQT year very very tough (my school expected outstanding constantly and in order to keep that standard I had to work silly hours - i had the caretakers number on speed dial so he could open the school up on saturdays for me sometimes and was often in school before 6am...

    Thankfully i was only on a short term contract so started teaching reception at a different school in september.
    It's definatly true what they say about the second year getting easier.
    If you ever need any tips or help i'd be happy to help if I can
  5. I just wanted to add Laurapie that I'm also an Early Years trained NQT in Nursery and it hasn't been mentioned that I have to do work in KS1. My mentor has advised that I spend some time in KS1 & KS2 as part of professional development but that's in conjunction with 2 other NQTs who work in KS1 & 2 coming to see me and my class as part of their PD. It certainly isn't a condition of passing my NQT year as far as I know.
  6. grumbleweed

    grumbleweed Lead commenter

    It may be that the NQT requirements have changed since I was an NQT mentor, but when I was, we certainly planned in our induction programme so that they would spend some time observing and team teaching in other year groups..usually this would be dictated by their career entry profile and how they are progressing towards the core standards.(it would never be 'cover' for another teacher unless this was agreed in advance for example when I had an NQT who hated the year group she was given and really wanted to teach another, so wanted the experience of teaching in that year group). This was the same for all NQTs regardless of the year group they were teaching (so we would get year 5 NQT coming to nursery to do a story session for example)
    Our NQTs always had their PPA time and an extra half day weekly for these activities plus any addiotional training provided by the LA offsite. (they taught 80% approx)

  7. Hello Doodlem,
    That's reasuring to know. I started induction in a 1 form entry but lost confidence in my ability. (I have been told since thast I am a good teacher.), but I 'M STILL AN nqt. If you have any tips I'd really appreciate hearing them.
  8. I am an NQT in Nursery also, there is no requirement to teach another key stage to pass induction. There is only a requirement to have teaching practices in 2 key stages during initial teacher training to gain QTS. As part of your NQT professional development good idea to observe classes in KS1 and 2, good to make use of the time given to do so whilst have it. After NQT year not as many opportunities to observe other classes and always good to put on app forms in future that even though might not have not taught in a particular year group that you have observed teaching that has impact upon your own practice.


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