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NQT in a one form entry Catholic School

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by nicnaks06, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. I'm about to start as an NQT in a Catholic Primary School in Year 1.I am not a Catholic myself so I am a little nervous especially as I have to deliver daily worship every morning in the classroom.Is there anyone else out there working in a Catholic school who can enlighten me as to what sorts of things they do_Other teachers have suggested lighting a candle,reading a bible story but it's all a bit vague!..I've tried searching for a children's daily prayer or worship book but not having much luck!
  2. Hi
    I'm an NQT starting in a Catholic school TOMORROW!! Eek! I'm in Reception and I am just covering maternity for a year so I am sticking with the class prayers that the previous teacher used. We will be praying four times a day: In the morning, before lunch, after lunch and before hometime. I can email you the prayers if you would like? They are quite nice, just giving thanks prayers.There should be a syllabus that the school follows (here I am?) this will help you with planning R.E lessons and circle time ideas. Don't panic not all the teachers will be Catholic and I am sure they will all be happy to help.
    Emma x
  3. Hi thanks hor your message nice to know there is someone out there in the same position!..The school also has set prayers to say in the morn at lunch and before hometime and we're following the new Come and See RE scheme so at least it will be new for everyone!
    Good Luck for tommorrow!
  4. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    An initiative that can be used in any type of school and which 'accentuates the positive' and helps to inculcate appreciation of good behaviour is to ... tell the children before each break that you will listen to their feedback after the break telling you about nice things they have done or said in the break, nice things others have said to them or done for them , or nice things they have observed others doing for other people.
    You could have a star chart for recording all their good deeds or appreciation of good deeds.
    "Miss, Jason helped me up when I fell over." "Kylie said she liked my hair". "Ben gave one of his sweets to the lady in the playground". "I told Kevin to stop throwing stones"
    Prayers don't have to be long-winded. It would be useful if you could observe the year 2 teacher managing a prayer session.
  5. For prayer time you could watch a clip ( if appropriate for that age) or talk about a recent news story. Then pray to help people if it isbad news, or to say thank you if it is good news. Your school may also have a chaplain who should give suggestions/ guidance for collective worship.

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