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NQT - House Head Job

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by charlotte_m_evans, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. charlotte_m_evans

    charlotte_m_evans New commenter

    Hello, I am an NQT (2019) and want to apply for a teaching post starting in September. The advert mentions a House Head post that the school are also looking to recruit for. Although I do have experience from my past career that gives me confidence that I could do the TLR, my heart is also telling me that it might detract from the NQT experience.
    I definitely want to be considered for the teaching post and it's not clear if the TLR is a make or break additional, I don't want to come across as unambitious to the school.
    How should I approach this. Thanks
  2. Corvuscorax

    Corvuscorax Star commenter

    Just apply for the job. I don't think you will get it, not if this is your first term teaching. But it is very common for an NQT to go for something like this part way through their NQT year. In fact it is quite common for only NQTs to want to!
  3. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    I disagree completely that it is very common for NQTs to apply for TLR posts. It definitely is not and it is very rare they have the knowledge, skills and experience to make a success of it, let alone be credible in the role.
    It depends a lot on your background and why you think your previous experience means you can lead others and be responsible for progress in their lessons. It might or might not. If it genuinely does, then go for it, but be prepared for the school to say no.

    Maybe apply for the teaching post and mention the head of house part as a possibility to be discussed at interview?

    If you haven't yet completed you NQT year, and are moving schools part way through, then I would recommend you concentrate on getting that done first. You haven't started at the school, workload could be far more than you are used to and the head of house could be a straw that breaks you before you even start.
  4. charlotte_m_evans

    charlotte_m_evans New commenter

    OK, thanks for all the points here. I guess I just have to wait and see now. :)
  5. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    Ignore post #2, accept the advice from post #3. NQT year is hard enough as it is without something extra on top.

    Best wishes

  6. CWadd

    CWadd Star commenter

    "I don't want to come over as unambitious to the school."

    Nowt wrong with ambition, but I'd worry more about coming over as someone who wants to teach.

    Head of House is being a Head of Year for all years - five in some schools, seven in others. You'd be dealing with the needs of all year groups, plus a huge team of tutors.

    Pass your NQT year. Then look for the TLR.
  7. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    No brainer. Prioritise your teaching qualification. If you attempt to divide your time and energy between classroom and hidden curriculum it is not just you who will suffer - crucially think about your students - this should not need pointing out ?

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