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NQT Help with class

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by heather1_1, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. heather1_1

    heather1_1 New commenter


    I have recently started teaching at a school for someone on maternity. There are two classes that i am struggling with. One, in particular, is worse. I teach these Friday's which just leaves me feeling deflated. I dont seem to have any major problems with my other classes. I am following the behaviour system and calling for SLT 10 mins in just to calm them down. I have tried the calm approach, the loud approach etc and nothing seems to work. I issued detentions and they dont care (they even told me and two refused to do work) even after i got SLT in. My other classes and support are great in the school and i my tutor has suggested observing them in another class but i just dread seeing them tbh.

    Any advice?
  2. rahman1123

    rahman1123 New commenter

    For me as an NQT i have a similar thing until i realised that that was the issue, when you dread them you give off bad vibes that they can feel, they know you don't want to be there. i imagine with cover as well they try and suss you out. i would try being overly nice to them. try not to shout. in my school we sent them out of the class, into another classroom with a senior member of staff (and they get a detention) so i say things like "if you don't thats fine but i'd like you to leave, your wasting our time" (our being the optimum word, show that the class is a team)

    id also talk to the students after and ask them what the problem is, and literally be like "what is the problem, what can i do to help, what do you need from me, etc etc"

    best bit of advice i got from PGCE is "all teaching really is, is emotional manipulation" students sometimes dont trust that you know whats best for them so make them believe they came up with it themselves"

    hope this helps


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