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NQT- hate my first term! want to quit. please help

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by 03150579, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. yes, that is what i did. i approached my union and they were very supportive but i felt things got worse inside school. the school didn't like the fact that the union came into school. i also did approach the LEA but didn't find her supportive, therefore it really depends on the person...but def speak to someone about your situation. you can't carry on like this.
  2. sp12

    You say that your HT is keeping out of it. He/she should be aware of the bullying and be proactive in stopping it. They have a 'Duty of Care' and are expected, in their position as managers, to realise that bullying causes distress and anxiety and is totally unnacceptable in any form.

    By having the power but failing to act he/she is actually condoning the 'bad' behaviour. I'd suggest that you read my stuff posted on Speakers Corner under 'are we really that bad' with some urgency. It is probable that, as we speak, lies with nuggets of truth (or vice versa) are being told tho the HT so that if you ever do complain, you will recieve an icy reception due to negative impression management having been used to 'dissarm' you without you even knowing it.

    The methods used by the bullies are so predictable but the paradox is that people are generally ignorant of these methods. Well meaning people are almost always taken in (as they are always willing to believe a story told by someone in authority especially when it is said 'in the passing' or tainted with a bit of pity) and blame in their eyes is often passed by the bully onto the target. Its very effective.
  3. sp12
    I can't believe the number of people who are having the same problems. I haven't decided what to do yet - my union representatitve said he would come into school with me on Wednesday and sit with me in a meeting but I'm worried that will make the atmosphere in school more difficult (like you said 03150579).

    I seriously just want to get out and start over again in a supportive school. But then, that means that the schools gets out easily - they don't have to give me the support I'm entitled to if I leave. The main thing that worries me is failing the second term. My LEA advisor unfortunately hasn't been too supportive so I just need to keep in contact with my union.

    Good luck to everyone who is having a miserable time at the moment and let's hope that the new year brings better luck.
  4. a19pb,
    i've read all your posts on this thread & they gave me loads of reassurance because I could finally gain some perspective on what was going on. I probably could have approached the ht, but all my dealings with him so far have been negative, and instigated by my mentor. I do feel my situation is a product of bad management in the school & I think the only solution is to remove myself from it.

    it's a shame your LEA advisor isn't supportive (I've been very lucky there) but i'm sure your union rep will help. I had the meeting at school & it was intimidating but it's actually easier than you expect when someone who's on your side is there. I know it's going to be difficult at school for a while but i'm happier than I've been in ages because I've finally got some control back. Just remember that this reflects badly on them & losing an NQT means that they have failed to support you, as we are still learning after all. I'm meeting my advisor again on Monday so I'll let you know what happens!
  5. thank you, yes please let me know...i've heard that some suppluy agencies regect you when you don't get a satidfactory reference is this true?? and also do you think it's good to apply to a supply agency now because offically i don't leave school until the 31st and i'm on stress leave at the moment??

    i hope this makes sense..
  6. One agency didn't take me on after all that had happened at my old school, but they're rubbish anyway form what I've been heraing. Supply Desk were good for me, took me on and I had work nearly every day.
  7. can i ask you which supply desk??
  8. A quick update on my situation:
    I'm leaving the school, probably at the end of this term. it's not an easy decision as I hate feeling like I can't do something! However, with the lack of support in the school and my class, I'm just not confident enough that I can turn it around by next term, and I do not want to be in a situation with 2 failed terms. I'm going to do supply to get some confidence back.

    It's such a horrible feeling to have to leave a job, especially when you feel a lot of it is to do with the incompetencies of others. But it is good to take some control of the situation!

    03150579 , I've already contacted a couple of supply agencies and my situation as an nqt with an unsuccessful term behind me didn't seem to be a problem, so fingers crossed!
  9. 03150579 - east sussex, or more specifically Brighton, who were great. Then again they deal ONLY with teachers so maybe they've come across that more than other agencies.

    sp12 DON'T feel you can't do it. I've no doubt you CAN, but some places want people who you can never be, for better or for worse!
  10. i've sent of an application form, i will let you know how it goes.. at last i can relax over christmas...feels good, i hope you're feeling a lot better. take carexx
  11. sp12: I'm also leaving school at the end of term. I had been off for a few days after the trauma of the past week and when I went back, I felt awful again. I'm also not confident enough that I can turn it around by next term, and I do not want to be in a situation with 2 failed terms. I know that it isn't the right school for me and I'll never be happy there. I have found it quite an emotional day as I hate giving up on things but sometimes you have to be selfish - to keep sane!! I'm applying to do supply this week but I'm just so worried about ever getting a job again as I have no confidence left. I suppose supply will be good for that.

    03150579: Good luck with supply. I hope it all goes well. In a few months after we've had a relaxing Christmas hopefully we will all be so confident that we can put these appauling experiences behind us!
  12. Hi there, I am an NQt struggling with my induction year. I find it extremely hard and I am on the verge of quitting. Any idea what I can do? I am scared of quitting my school now for fear of not finding a school which would help me finish my induction year. Can anyone give me advice?
    This is a serious matter.
    Thank you for any answersx
  13. helenjj

    helenjj New commenter

    I had a succesful first term but after xmas I was brought before the head and told I may fail the standards. The local authority were informed and the LEA NQT advisor advised me to leave the school. That is what I did and I am now unemployed.

    However, I have completed 2 terms of my induction (it doesn't matter if they were a pass or a fail, it is the 3rd term that you must pass). I have escaped an oppressive, unsupportive, bullying environment (SLT not the department).

    My advice to you is speak to your LEA advisor. You have 5 years to complete your induction. You will get other work but you have to be very careful about what you say to agency's and other schools.

    I am pursuing the school via 2 unions for a case of constructive dismissal. (I am not sure about the real intention of the first union that gave me advice so I joined another union for a two pronged attack). It does not matter to me particularly if I win or lose on this point but it gives me an opportunity to publicise the very poor treatment I received at the hands of the SLT at this school.

    I was very confused and angry a week or two ago, but now things are moving and I am back in control of my life. Work is on the way and I am succeeding! Chin up!!
  14. Hi Helenji,
    Do you mind telling me if you are primary or secondary? How are things going now?

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