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NQT- hate my first term! want to quit. please help

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by 03150579, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. I feel sorry for you and, if what you are saying is correct, disgusted with the Head.

    I will hopefully be enrolling on a PGCE next academic year (Secondary History), partly because I don't want anything more to do with the corporate retailers that I work for at weekends to support myself through university. Retail management, I swear, are trained in emotional and psychological bullying. They might not call it that, but all of the middle managers that I've had use similar tactics to make you work more hours than your contract states, practically decieve customers into opening store card accounts, etc.

    I can't wait to leave them for the teaching proffession, I hope that you and I both stumble upon better superiors to work for.
  2. I think the bullying of teachers may be why there are so many leaving the profession. The PTB do not care. They can use the cheap cheap cheap TAs instead and save a fortune. Who cares what the kids learn?
  3. I am sorry to hear that you have had a tough term.You have some thinking time while you are off on stress. You must ask yourself some tough questions.If people are to leave teaching they do so in either year 1, year 3, year 5 or year 10. After that they are stuck.
    *If the school is Ofsted driven and doesn't have a good Self Evaluation System... is this the place you want to be?
    *Have you watched your mentor teach her class? Have you watched her teach your class? You can ask your mentor to allow you to watch her/him.
    *Your mentor and yourself should set agreed observational aspects prior to any observation.
    *Have you agreed weekly targets from the NQT standards. They should be specific, manageable,achievable,relevant and with a timed goal.
    *Have you agreed your termly targets?
    *Displays are no longer part of the teacher's work load ..... however you can direct a TA to put up your displays based on the children's work.
    *Are you getting your weekly PPA time..... one afternoon plus your NQT time.... one afternoon per week?
    *Have you identified courses that you want to attend...the school has money for this... just for you and your development. Make sure you access this money.
    All this said..... teaching is stressful and it is not an easy job at the best of times. You can apply for other posts in other schools or join an agency if it really does get too tough.
    Remember also that bullying in the work place is a no, no.
    Good luck..... enjoy Christmas if you celebrate the season.

  4. Do not worry - easier said than done but I hated my first job! Eight years later, I am head of PE and doing fine. I hated my first jobs for rasons other than yours ( I never got criticised, just left on my own all the time! I had no support and felt sick every Sunday. NQT year is meant to be helpful but mine was not. Bear with it, speak to your union and remember you are already a success, you have got through uni, got through TPs and got a job. I know how you feel xx
  5. Hi just wanted to post a message of support for you. I have also been signed off work due to work-related stress as i have been bullied by a work colleague who is in a senior position at school for the past three years and just cant take it anymore. I have never cried so much in my whole life, i feel mentally and physically drained of all my energy and cant even begin to think about facing this women at school at the moment. I just wanted you to know that you are not alone and i feel for you, it is an awful position to be in and for some reason i feel guilty (do you?)

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank a19pb - you couldnt have explained things better it was like reading my own story, i really appreciate you posting a message on this it has giving me strength to keep fighting, after all i went to uni for 5years to get the job of my 'dreams'.

    It makes me very angry that we are supposed to be the professionals stamping out bullying amongst children, yet we suffer from it amongst our own staff members!

  6. very true... yes to an extent i did, but not anymore.. yes i was crying all the time and people here have helped me to come out of that and think 'i can do it..i've been to uni and trained to become a teacher..these bullies are just jealous they can't see anybody else getting ahead.. so what have you decided to do?
  7. Bullying of teachers is a top downwards process by and large. I run a helpline for stressed teachers and the problems with difficult pupils are greatly outnumbered by the problems with "challenging" heads and SLT.

    And as for heads and SLT - they report being intimidated and bullied in their turn, set impossible targets and roundly castigated by trench-dodgers from OFSTED who couldn't teach to save their miserable lives.

    I hope you have a good Christmas and come back to the fray ready to take them on again. "Nil carborundum bastardos in excreta!"

    The union can help if you are being bullied: the local phone number is on your union card.
  8. Hey just read through all the comments on these pages. Believe me you have done the right thing in leaving. I got really good reports for my final two teaching practices and when I graduated i decided to do supply for a while to gain some experience. My first interview I went to I got offered the job - I was so excited about being offered the job I didn't do anything we were told to do before accepting a job at uni. I realised on the first inset day that I had chosen the wrong school. The staff didn't get on and I had never been to such a bitchy school.

    My experience was sligtly different. My mentor the deputy head of the school was continuously in my classroom - I would have to get to school at 7 every morning in the hope I would get some work done before she came in complaining about life. I had joint plan with the other year 4 teacher which i thought would help me in my NQT until I realised we planned on her terms or i did the plans as she was too busy. i spoke to my mentor about this but it did nothing. After one week at the school I was asked to level children and write reports on them for what they had covered in the year. I tried speaking to them but they felt it was reasonable and will give me experience - i was basically told to make up something if I had yet taught that subject. I spoke to LEA advisor who spoke to the head on my behalf. Life many of you have mentioned if you involve anyone else matters seem to get worse.

    after four weeks I decided to apply for another job which I was offered and hand in my resignation. For the final half term of summer I was hardly spoken to and at my final review they told me I had passed but that I was very unprofessional - which I didn't care about.

    Supply is a good way of gaining experience and confidence I did a term of it and got a phone call everyday. If you work hard and try to fit in the school will continue to use you - I was offered a job from one school for the following term but had already accepted my other job.

    I was so concerned about leaving in my first term of my nqt term and ot into such a mess but realised i had made the right decision when I had 7 weeks with no support.

    Good luck
  9. People use the word 'unprofessional' to disguise using unprofessional words. Or they use it to hide dislike, or an excuse to be plain horrible.
  10. yes, i'm hoping to get a job through supply. i've also got two really good school placement reports which is encouraging to carry on!! i've sent off an application pack, we'll see what happens..
  11. If my previous stuff made you think a little, then please read the 'Speakers Corner' - 'Are we really that bad' - it deals with my thinking on why all good teachers must re-think the bullying issue. Its possibly even more important for established teachers as opposed to NQT's to re-assess their thinking on the bullying issue. If you think you would never become involved - think again please.

    The post starts :-

    A problem with this subject is that teachers are generally ?good? people always wanting to forgive, always thinking the best of others, making allowances and excuses for other adult?s bad behaviour. They often respond to ?put-downs? however administered as a child would when chastised, they might sulk, become introverted or disaffected or they might apologise and ?try to do better?. Often, they might divert blame to someone else emulating the initial ?bad behaviour?..

    They don?t think that they would ever be bullied, because they are so resilient and strong. They deal daily, some with very difficult children; they can?t conceive the possibility that they themselves could be damaged by bullying. Some even wrongly think that they should expect some management, ?poor behaviour? as it happens everywhere?. It?s a fact of modern life ? they can cope., they themselves are above all that.

    Teachers generally now accept continual ?put-downs? thinking that it doesn?t really affect them but each time they incorrectly accept blame put onto them, or continually ?try to do better?, they take a psychological ?hit?. Over the years, no matter what they think, their self esteem suffers. They might still perform well in the classroom and produce good results but they become ever less inclined to raise their heads above the water on the bigger issues. If they are lucky they end up ?stuck in a rut? counting the days till they retire. If they dare ?fight back? at any point, depending on the regime in the school, the outcome can vary widely.

    The post continues and I hope will provide a further insight into the workings of staffroom bullying and the way forward.

    Thanks for reading so far.

  12. I havent a clue what am going to do to be honest. I'm finding things extremly difficult at the moment and i have even been contacted at home regarding school issues whilst been signed off sick!
    I dont know if i want to go down the route of telling all to the Head or SLT as i really dont want to cause unnecessary trouble and conflict within my department, but i just cant carry on like this anymore. I have always given 100% to the school and taken on alot in my three years of teaching, but i am fed up of negative comments and constant hassle, in the end it has just proven all too much for me and i cant face going back to school at the moment.
  13. Some people are just on a power trip and you have unfortunately been the victim of it! I know it sounds cheesey but don't worry. I've had a similar experience and left a job before my contract expired, because I was thoroughly stressed out and miserable (not being bullied by other staff but not being supported properly either) but it's not caused me any problems in finding another job. Firstly I took a total break from teaching and did some office work just to chill out and build myself and my confidence back up. Then I joined a supply agency and I was really honest with them about my experience. They were completely understanding and found me a new job which has been much better. Just enjoy your Xmas free of school work and don't answer the phone to your old school anymore. You don't owe them anything. Think of 2008 being around the corner and a new fresh start in the new year! Good Luck...It will all come good I promise!!!
  14. OP 03150579

    Firstly, sympathise with you. I have not been able to read all the posts and while surely some good advice here if you truly feel that you must leave I'd suggest you consider that. If you are single and no commitments I'd consider going overseas. If not single and you have commitments then I'd look at other options other than teaching. There are many rewarding careers out there and you might even consider going solo and working for yourself. From what you describe and efforts you put in it is likely to be better rewarded both mentally and monetarily elsewhere. Have you considered this? if you like to chat by msn or emails let me know. Meanwhile, good luck in whatever you decide.
  15. i was thinking of working for myself, but because i'm an NQT i thought it's best to get my NQT year out of the way??
  16. I'm really sorry to hear about your experiences.

    To be honest, I think the bullying begins on the PGCE. I've just left mine, having been offered a job so will train in post at a school I love. I was doing fine on the PGCE but it doesn't make me impressed.

    We were all made to feel and behave like kids. I could say more but perhaps had better not ... it's small wonder the fall-out rate from teaching is so high though if from the outset there is a process of retrogression.

    It's not all the trainers' fault. From the very top down we're funnelled like sausages through the grinder - crushing individuality and being made to conform to a preset mould. Since this is often what we now expect pupils to do up to KS4 I suppose one shouldn't be surprised, but it's pathetic really.

    Rant over. Actually, no, rant only just begun!

  17. i've decided to apply to the supply agencey..how much or how should i mention this teaching experience??
  18. Just wanted to reassure you firstly that you are not alone (you probably gathered that from most of the other replies you've received) and secondly that you should not beat yourself up for someone else's lack of professional and people skills.
    Surely anyone who believes they can motivate their staff with critism and threats rather than positive praise is stuck in the dark ages.

    My advice is Stick at It! There are plenty of honest and professional human beings in the teaching profession, but if we quit now there will be no hope of irradicating the bullying mentality that unfortunately does exist in some schools.

    Remember, you just have to hold on a few years until they retire but in the meantime, get in touch with your LEA and blow that whistle!!!

    Just as we tell the kids - Say No to Bullying!!
  19. I am so sorry to hear about your expeience. I have also had an absolutely awful first term due to a lack of support in a difficult class and on Monday I was ready to totally give up when I got told I had failed the first term. I was given the choice of failing the term or leaving the job if I wanted to - and I was expected to do this there and then. I was so upset that people could be so blunt and horrible and since have applied for 2 temporary jobs and also supply and I was wondering the same thing - how much information should I give about this first term? But then I was thinking, why should I walk away because of the lack of social skills of my mentor and headteacher? I have been in contact with my union rep who is going to go into school with me next week and sit with me in a meeting with the head but I am so demoralised and have no confidence left. And I still ahve no idea what I'm going to do. Do I admit defeat and walk away or do I go back and fight? I'm sorry, I have no advice for you but simply wanted to tell you that I'm in the same situation and am fed up. It's horrible. Try to keep your chin up!
  20. Hi
    I just wanted to add to this to say im in the same situation. helenrach9th - your situation sounds exactly the same as mine, although my problems are with my mentor and induction tutor (ht seems to have stayed out of it), as well as a tough class. Have you made any decisions yet? im still deciding on my next step.

    I've found some great support from my LEA advisor, who I approached myself. I feel that she is behind me 100% & has made me feel a lot more positive about my future career in teaching. So all I can suggest is to find as much help out of school as poss.

    It's been a really stressful time & it's terrrible that this is obviously so common, but it's been reassuring to read these posts so I don't feel alone.

    Good luck to everyone - i'm hoping the new year will bring a fresh start & my confidence back!

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