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NQT- hate my first term! want to quit. please help

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by 03150579, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. My mentor is also very negative and I am glad to hear from you as it means that there are others in the same boat as me.
  2. markedout

    markedout Occasional commenter

    I had a tough NQT year, had an unsatisfactory observation from LEA advisor and a couple from my mentor, who was nasty but not as bad as yours. I used my NQT time to observe others, visit other schools by arrangement, meet mentor (who then talked at me for 1.5 hours, so not v productive use of time). There is hope, really - I passed the year after all and seven years on am about to pass threshold and am supporting a PGCE student, and have gained an MEd. Lessons still go awry sometimes but I haven't forgotten those early days and I believe in myself now. Move schools if you have to, and you will look back in a few years and be proud that you were strong enough to deal with this. Good luck for this week, keep telling yourself that you can do it and get support from those in the school who you know are on your side. Get them to spot check your classroom if it helps so there is less ammunition for the mentor.


  3. Thank you for that post markedout. There is hope for us all! :)
  4. 00960705 - really sorry to hear about you..i know exactly how you feel. so are you planning on staying? there are lots of good advice hear you read through it and it'll make you feel alot betterxx
  5. Someone mentioned about guidence on observations. Should I be having an NQT observation and a seperate SMT observation (they're doing the whole staff) in the same week? Talk about stress!

    I really sympathise with anyone having a horrid time of their NQT year. I am never sure whether I am having a good time or a bad time. Most classes are good but always feel like I am expected to be better than I am.

    The problem is, it is very difficult to have a good measure of reality I find. You don't see the experienced teachers who have awful lessons. You aren't the best judge of yourself either, it could be a lot better than you ever think. The twice termly observations aren't exactly going to be reflective either.

    I've been told things that are "wrong" that I find overly critical or at least said in a way that make me feel like ****. I consider the NQT year to be another big learning experience where we are all still students of a kind. And you wouldn't say to your students, "this is awful, you are no good at this" etc.

    Don't blame anyone who thinks of leaving if they are in the wrong environment. Of all the things I have done in my life, teaching is probably the most emotionally and physically draining job I can imagine. You simply must be supported in your NQT year. The school and the LEA have an obligation to make sure you make it - make sure they stick by their obligation if you can brave it out.
  6. Completely sympathise with your situation - am in a similar one myself - mentor very unsupportive - other people in school are trying to help out but mentor seems to take every opportunity to be obstructive or unsupportive. Raised the issue and am not sure whether its just made things worse. Best advice was given by my tutor - look for a better school as soon as possible and if you can't, display stubborness and adopt the attitude of if it's you or them it's not going to be you that gives in. Am giving that one a go myself but sat in my car for lunch on Friday (was absolutley freezing but it was a better alternative) so I didn't explode and say something I might regret. It's a horrible situation to find yourself in, made all the worse by feeling you have to be on top form all the time in front of the kids. Was helpful to me to find out I was not alone and other NQT's are having the same experience - doesn't make it acceptable though. Hang in there. Good luck.
  7. a19pb - what do the school mean when they are saying that they will be refering you to the occupational health???
  8. thats means they want to get their own doctor to check out your health regarding work
  9. In these situations, the establishment like to cover their backs. By asking you to attend OH they can then say that they have 'done what they can to support you' i.e. they have fulfilled their 'duty of care'. More likely, they want to categorise you as having, 'mental health issues'.

    With bullying cases - its not normally about supporting you, its all part of their arsenal to disscredit (and ultimately if required to save face - destroy). Depending on how you have reacted to the abuse, it is highly likely that the bully will be seedinf suggestions to others already that you have 'mental health issues.

    She knows the game very well - an expert in her field - soon you will be able to predict her next move and have a laugh when you get it right.

    I'd first ask for a reason from the HT why they think you should see OH. Request and insist that they answer is supplied in writing (or email). Then decline the offer at present but keep your options open.

    If it ever comes to a claim under the PfHA, then it is important that you take all steps to limit the damage to yourself. See your own doctor - get weighed - keep official records.
  10. ladyhawk

    ladyhawk New commenter

    I am now in my fourth year of teaching but was bullied in my NQT year by my mentor/Head of Department to the point where I collapsed and was taken to hospital at the end of my first term.

    I spent the following term collecting evidence and then wrote a 13 page statement which I sent to the Director of Education and Chair of the Education Committee. I expected to never teach again for drawing so much attention to myself but was past caring by then.

    Result: they sacked the Headmaster.

    I have to say though that fighting back was incredibly stressful and not to be recommended. If you are being bullied I would suggest you contact Human Resources and ask them to break your contract for you so that you can leave at Christmas after having your first term signed off (this can't be taken away from you, even if they suggest at this stage that you are not going to meet the NQT objectives).
  11. Ladyhawk - Well done. Where did you get your advice on how to fight from ? Were you able to anticipate 'their' next moves? Can you explain for the benifit of all where the stress came from? Did the management play fair? Any advice beyond what you have given?
  12. ladyhawk - that's really helpful to know that they ahve to sign my first term off...i'll have to mention that to the union.

    a19pb- the reason that they putting me on that is because i've been on stress leave..can they do that?
  13. Dont be put off by threats of Ofsted.
    The whole inspection system changes regularly and the days when inspectors told teachers they were "failing" are long gone.
  14. Firstly, I'm deeply sorry to hear that you are experiencing a terrible first NQT year.
    I can relate to what youre experiencing, as on my last placement I went through something similar.
    Speak to your LEA advisor and they should try to help you.

    Schools with staff members in them that cause stress to this extent shouldnt be allowed. Things should be put into place to stop this especially in an NQT year!

    I also agree with one of the above comments, 'dont let them force you out'. You are there because 'YOU GOT CHOSEN' because you were the best at the interview, (assuming you had one). They therefore have an obligation to you as an NQT to ensure that you pass your induction year. If you fail, then the school hasnt supported you, having not done everything in their power to correct what is going wrong. Instead of negative comments they should be giving you constructive feedback e.g. that was good but try this next time..guidance and a pointer into the right direction. Even if it means shadowing another teacher for one session. (Peer assessment- chance to observe how another teacher does things).

    I also had hardly any sleep and in the end my body began to suffer through stress and exhaustion. I suggest that you take some vitamins to stop you getting ill, they helped me! ( From Holland & Barrett- Busy B complex with vitamin C- B vitamins help tiredness and are good for people with hectic lifestyles, Rescue Remedy- This is a little yellow bottle and good for times of stress, its non addictive and people use it before driving tests etc, you drop a tiny drop on your tongue and it really does help! put some on your tongue in a morning before you leave the house an keep it in your bag! and finally, Metatonic- its a tonic to boost your body hwne its down, e.g after stressful periods, illness etc) hope that helps and keep us up to date, remember your only human and its your first year so dont give up! remember there are nice schools out there!
    take care
    emma xx
  15. I was there last year. I had unsatisfactory for both my first and second assessments. I seeked advice from NUT which adviced me to leave. But i never left as the school kept telling me that all that matters is the last assessment. But i would tell you that when you sense not being wanted and being pushed away by the people who are there to help, then its not worth waiting. Find another job! Tell your prospective employer exactly what is going on upfront (use employment agencies if possible). I had to quite at the 11th hour as my union negotiated an extension which, God willing should be over next week.
  16. Please dont let them bully you....i was bullied when i was training (third and final placement) and know how alful it can be..I asked my university to pull me out and had to redo the whole placement at the end of my course. I felt terrible, i doubted myself and thought i did not want to teach....
    Then i went to another school....it was brillent and completely restored my faith in myself.
    I now am working and loving every minute and doing well.

    Keep on hanging in there.....change school and you will probably find that in a different schoool you will fly.
  17. yes, thank you..i know i'm not wanted in that school because they are giving me negative feedback all the time.. i spoke to the head and she said to me "i don't think you are meeting the QTS Standards..where are your evidence that you met them..and why havn't you got that with you instead of having a thin CEDP? i replied by saying "my QTS certificate is proof of me meeting my QTS standards and the curriculum entry developemt profile is all that we have to bring in which we have to fill in at each phase...

    i just feel that they are trying to find every opportunity to pull me down!!!
  18. I totally understand on my third placement i was told by my mentor that she did not think Dyslexic students should be allowed to teach! knowing full well that i am dyslexic...... what i should have replied was that throughout my degree i scored first's for assignments but i didn't i just said 'oh' and went home that night and cried my eyes out.

    My advice would be change schools, its your job and if its making you feel that bad that find somewhere else.

    hope it gets sorted out...be brave, chin up and try not to let them beat you.

  19. very true...thanks will try my best!!
  20. I have only read a few of these posts but from what you are saying I was in the same position you were in but it took me a long time to realsie I was being bullied.

    I don't think anyone would think bad of you if you were to leave.

    Speak to your union - I did and they were brilliant and got me out of the school.

    email at gwladysstgirl@hotmail.co.uk if you like. I can't always access email but I'll reply as soon as I can.


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