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NQT handing in notice to leave at end of first term

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by PaulDG, May 1, 2012.

  1. PaulDG

    PaulDG Occasional commenter

    You are under contract. You were under contract from the moment you accepted the offer verbally. Not having the printed version does not change this.
    Teachers apply for jobs all the time. Some get them, most, of course, do not.
    No one thinks anything of this. Unlike other jobs (because you have to provide cover for the days you're off), you can't keep the process secret so it feels different, but everyone has to do it.
    Your current head isn't in his first job. He applied for others, including the one he has now and he wasn't even allowed to apply for that until he'd done an additional course which he needed his then boss' permission to go on.
    Don't sweat about this. It is entirely normal.
  2. Thank you for your message.
    Am I right in thinking I need to hand my notice in by 31st May or by June half term if I am to leave at the end of the Summer term?
    Also, if I get an interview offer, am I right to assume it is best then to apply for leave of absence and cover and specify that it's for an interview whether a reference has been requested from the head or not?
  3. The final resignation date is 31st May.
    You have a contract by implication, as you have now begun working under your contract and you cannot be dismissed on the basis of applying for another job.
    It is imperative you specify that you will request leave for and state that this is for an interview. If you interview for the job whilst stating you are at the doctors, for example, this is tantamount to gross misconduct and could well leave you with nothing.
    Good luck with the application!

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