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NQT giving in resignation and would like some advice about notice etc

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by PinkRuby, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. I think you should contact your union regional office and get them to support you - you need to negotiate with your school, rather than just hand in your resignation, to give you the best chance o securing employment in another school should you decide to apply for other posts.
  2. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    Just remember, you can't fail until the very end of your NQT year. It's entirely possible to be flagged as needing more support in terms 1 and 2 and then pass term 3. The school should be giving extra support and specific objectives for observations to help you to meet the standards.
  3. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    You MUST contact your Union for advice a.s.a.p.
    Normally they would negotiate an early release for you, so that you left before they could make a final verdict on your Induction. If you don't complete the third Induction term, they can't Fail you overall and you'd be free to start term 3 again elsewhere.
    You also need to consider whether it's possible to hand in your notice in the normal way (by 31st May) to leave officially at the end of August. This supposes that you stay on sick leave and have more than 30 days off in total in your Induction year. In such circumstancs, they would be unable to sign off your Induction.
    If you wanted to have a final go at turning things around and felt able to return to work, you could then seek an early release if the school continued to say that you were not on target to meet the standards. You might also go back on paid sick leave as you acquire a new, longer, entitlement for a new absence after 1st or 6th April.
    Let the Union guide you and get their advice on the exact wording of any resignation letter.
  4. Hi
    Sorry that you are off ill. You must get specialist advice and help from your union. Contact them and explain your circumstances. Your union rep can help to negotiate an early release from your contract if that is the best way forward for you.
    Any decisions you make must be in your interests as well as the school's and the pupils'. You are important and so is your health and welfare. You need objective advice. Do this now.
  5. I was able to negotiate an early release from my contract while signed off with stress and depression. I knew my mental health was suffering during my NQT year, and wanted to do what was best for the children I was teaching (and my sanity). I spoke to Teacher Support Network first for support, and then contacted my union for advice.

    You need to speak to your local union rep if you have decided to leave teaching, as they may have had dealings with your school before and can explain the different options available to you. My local union rep offered to sit in on any meetings with the headteacher, if needed.

    I decided against a meeting and rang the headteacher instead. I explained I felt that I was unable to come back to the school and complete my induction year there due to the stress/anxiety. He realised I wanted an early release from my contract and accepted my notice with immediate effect. I had to write a letter to the governors confirming my request for early release, and they agreed to this a few days later. The school were able to get a permanent replacement for me, and stopped having pay for me and a supply teacher!

    I have been able to take some time out, get my weekends/evenings back and still have the option of returning to teaching at a later date.

    Good luck, and hope you feel better soon!
  6. I left during my NQT year, and I had problems at home and mental health issues to. I didn't resign though, and you shouldn't either. Follow that union advice and do not resign, really it's the best thing to do. If you are really very ill you shouldn't be going back in anyway, and should be off sick, so no need to worry about teaching the same kids.

    It's important you don't resign for as it gives you the best chance of getting back into things in the future, and it forces the unsupportive school you're in to pick up it's own mess rather than you just roll over and leave. Message me if you want any more advice, I like helping people out as it happened to me as well.
  7. Rather than try to get through this on your own, you must seek help and advice and take note of what that advice is. Your union can help and the school should also involve occupational health as it may well be that with proper support you can make a return to the classroom. You must also talk to your GP and take advice from him/her.
  8. Hello, I know this is an old post but I would like to know my rights. If I sign a one year NQT contract can I leave within this year without failing my NQT year?

    Any guidance would be great, thanks
  9. I would strongly advise you check the contract yourself in terms of leaving. However, usually the terms of handing in notice etc. are the same as they would be for a perm teacher (i.e. half a terms notice.) As long as you do one term/two terms and they're signed off as passing, then you will not be failing your NQT year. It should be possible to complete your final term/terms in another school.

    However, it may not be easy to find a school which will allow you to finish your NQT year with just a term to go (although it is possible.)

    Why do you think you'd need to leave the other school (the one year contract one) early? Doesn't bode particularly well for your time there if you're already thinking this.

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