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NQT for Year 6 job

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by nmarge789, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. nmarge789

    nmarge789 New commenter

    Hi I am an NQT and would like some advice. There is a position going at a school I have been working at through a supply agency and I feel I have built up a good relationship with the school and would like to go for the position. However the position is for year six. This doesn't put me off as I've worked frequently in this year group and feel I have a good relationship with the pupils. But I know that year six is a huge responsibility with SATs. Would I even be considered going for this position? Would I be in over my head if I applied? Am I being far too ambitious? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as the deadline for this job is in a couple of weeks! Thanks! Natalie.
  2. MissCleo

    MissCleo New commenter

    Usually the job advert will say whether or not a post is suitable for an NQT, which would indicate whether the school would consider you. If it doesn't say anything you could always contact the head/deputy head in the school and ask them. I know some people from university who were hired for NQT positions in Year 6, so it does happen. However, these people did have experience with SATs from their placements, so they had an understanding of what they were getting in to. You might want to consider your previous experiences and whether or not you feel ready for that responsibility. You might also want to consider what the support would be like in the school; is it a one form entry or would there be other teachers that you would be working closely with who could support you with planning for the SATs and etc.? I would say if you enjoy working in the school and you feel ready, it would certainly be worth applying.
  3. nmarge789

    nmarge789 New commenter

    That's great and really helpful. Thank you so much. I will certainly speak to the head and see if they want me to apply. Thank you again.

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