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NQT - First Interview This week!!!!

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by glc13, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. glc13

    glc13 New commenter

    Hi! Congrats on the interview!
    I'd say go through the new literacy framework and for yr4, pick an objective and make it very specific, so they can see in your lesson you have taught the children something new. I'm in the same position myself but have to teach Yr6 poetry so it's a bit more defined. Try to choose a topic you've taught before or feel confident with. I'm also going to plan the next lesson so they can see the progression.
    Sorry if this had already been thought about!
    Good luck!
  2. i had an interview with yr 3 (but you could use this with yr4~) and we looked at the magic box poem by Kit Wright, was really good!
  3. I agree with ChessyQ. It's a great poem to use. I've done it with my y4s and we followed it up by making our own boxes and stuck folded paper to the lid and base, on which we wrote the things we'd put in. I know you won't have time for that, but you could put it down on your planning as next steps. good luck.
  4. i brought in my own magic box (just a plastic box with stickers and glitter on) and talked about what was in my box, asked them what would be in theres, then read the poem. and wrote a class poem together...
  5. Going to use that idea, CheesyQ (sorry, NOT CheSSyQ!)
  6. good luck! let me know how you get on!
  7. Thanks guys, all very helpful tips.
    Cheesyqueen - what did you do with the magic box poem - did you only have a short time as well? I have just looked at the poem and love it - definately want to use it.

    Once we have discussed it I suppose I can get them to think of things to put in their own magic boxes - moving on to your other ideas of showing continutation in the planning?

    What do you think?

    Just how do I wrap the lesson up?
  8. hey,
    baiscally i started my lesson by showing them my magic box, explained it had items in which were really special to me, and showed them some of them and explained why (photo of family) lucky charm etc. then asked them to talk in partners about what was special to them. discussed some of these then explained there was a poem about a magic box. used iwb and showed a slideshow with pics and the peom and read it. we looked at how the poem was writen then i showed them a poem partially filled in. we had to fill in the blanks as a class (used talk partners as well) then read the poem together as a class. in my interview i explained that my next step would be for them to write poems of thier own. and for less able they would have a more structured sheet, more able would write it on own.
    hope this helped... let me know if you have any more questions!
  9. http://www.poetryclass.net/lessona.htm

    Here is a link to the poem and even has lesson plan with questions.

    I was just looking for the poem after reading the forum. Hope this helps and good luck on the interview.

  10. Oh my god! I cannot believe how lovely and helpful everyone is... this is the first time I have used this site and it really has helped me. Just been having loads of fun making my magic box... bit ott but hey its my box!!


    Should I do a lesson plan for this? If so does it have to be as detailed as the ones I use at uni or more of a brief outline of things...
    For continuing tasks should I just put that on the end for bonus marks?

    Sorry to sound thick I just want this particular job so much and am dead nervous and as the post says - it is my first interview!!!!
  11. i did a full lesson plan for my interview lesson but it wasnt actually looked at. i did it like it was a normal obs lesson. it showed how i would have coninued the lesson (which is what i was asked to show in my interview)
  12. k4b

    k4b New commenter

    Hi, all!

    I have a interview this Thursday. Need to do a brief 3 minute presentation on some aspect of learning and creativity. Don't know what to do. Need to format the presentation like the 'Dragons Den' TV show. Need ideas.......please!

    Then, successful candidates stay the whole day. Teaching 12 children for 15 minutes - Learning objective: NLS (old framework) Year 4 Term 1 Text Level Obj 14 - To write poems based on personal or imgained experience.

    not sure on what I am doing for this either, as lesson very short. No TA, watched by 5 people(aaarrrgghhhh!!) need to show intro, main activity and plenary - so 5 minutes on each say. Thinking of working with children for 5 min on the carpet (but i think they will be at their tables), then 5 min at the tables for main activity and 5 min back on the carpet. But I don't know if children in Year 4 sit on the carpet in schools these days.

    After teaching a class will have a discussion with the panel.

    I am a PGCE Early Years student,Job is in KS1 or KS2 but doing a intervew lesson in a Year 4 class.

    Thank you all
  13. k4b

    k4b New commenter

    The Magic box looks like a good idea - can this be used for: Teaching 12 children for 15 minutes - Learning objective: NLS (old framework as asked to follow this one) Year 4 Term 1 Text Level Obj 14 - To write poems based on personal or imgained experience.........

  14. I have to do 20 mins and I think it's tight! I woud just stick to reading the poem and discussing if you only have 15 mins - get their ideas out but don't try to write a new version - keep it simple! otherwise you will overwhelm yourself worrying about timings!
  15. k4b

    k4b New commenter

    Questions:I am sao perfectionate sorry. I have to be precise. Could you give me specfic guidelines? Please copy and paste questions and add answers please so I know what questions have been answered.

    1 - Do I just use a literacy lesson plan format which I am currently using at uni?

    2 - So,show them my box and I talk about what is in my box

    3 - ask them what would be in there?

    4 - Read the poem which is on the website, during the introduction? Would I print off and laminate or read off website?

    5 - I could then seprate the 12 children into 3 groups or something ( what do you think? Or shall I just work with the 3 abilioty groups which equal to 12 , altogether as a whole group) and ask each group to contribute to my poem. How would I differentitaite this activity in 15 minutes.

    6 - Then I would write the class poem together, by me scribing the poem on the board? IWB or note board?

    7 - How would I ask them to brainstorm their ideas?

    8 - Would I just keep them on the carpet the whole time. Or shall I show the box on the carpet, and read the poem on the carpet. Then ask to go and brainstorm ideas on how my poem should go.

    8. When are you doing this lesson?Do i need to add anything else. Like talk about expressive verbs etc.

    Thanks to all.

  16. k4b

    k4b New commenter

    For the 3 minute presentation thinking of:

    taking a programmable robot and show them how ICT contributes to Maths...I hate presenations do not know where to start...especially when its in front of five of them in the panel! I'm going to stall on this one...help
  17. k4b

    k4b New commenter

    Will the Head just throw you in the class or will he give is a few minutes to settle down with the class. So scared of how to introduce eveything and myself to them.
  18. k4b -
    that is way too much for 15 mins... u need to cut it down alot. i had half an hour to do all of that and it was just about long enough! not sure how you could cut it down -showing the box and discussing what would be in it would take at least 10 mins, then reading and responding would take 10 mins so u need to try and think about how to cut it down.
    you sound like you are panicing - i would calm down if i was u - if u go to an interview so panicy u wont show your true potential.
  19. I did the magic box with a Y2 class- 20 minutes and I had them sitting at the tables for about 7mins writing 1-2-3 lines depending on ability. You just have to plan it well so go through it in your head- write down what you'll say etc and estimate how long ch will take to feedback.

    My lesson was perfectly timed and the observers really liked it ;-)

    Good luck.

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