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NQT first interview - Please help!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by ucnrcg, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. Hi, finally I have managed to secure an interview. I have been asked to teach a 20 minutes lesson on minibeasts to a Reception class. The letter says to involve all children actively in lesson. Please anyone any ideas??? 20 minutes does not seem enough. I think I would like it to focus on KUW rather than CLL, PSRN or CD.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi again,

    I'm thinking of basing the lesson around KUW - either identifying a key feature of a living thing or looking at similarities, differences and patterns between 2 or 3 minibeasts.

    I think if I do it in circle time with all of them siting down it might work out better. Also I thought I can play Kim's game (visual memory exercise) with children during circle time hiding minibeasts at a time and I can give children clues what minibeast I have got by describing its features. After demonstrating it 1 -2 times I could get children to play the game on their table.

    Do you think that would be exciting games for Reception children? I would like to like all children to be involved in my lesson.
  3. I like your idea a lot, sounds good! When they go to their tables I would get the children to sort the minibeasts by the characteristics you have been looking for during the game. This could be a group activity, eg one large sorting sheet per table and the children can decide what characteristics they want to sort by eg legs, wings etc. Remember that you need to pull the session together with a mini plenary, so get at least one group to show their sheet and talk about what they found out.
    Good luck!
  4. I would plan for other minibeast related activities at the tables and would not expect to see all children doing the same activity at the same time.
    Have they given you time to set up the classroom?
    I would plan for a painting, malleable eg red playdough add black spots and legs, make their own minibeast by adding matchstick legs/eyes etc and then a PSRN activity etc.
    I would not expect to see a plenary either but maybe that is just me!
    Good luck
  5. Hi thanks for your reply.

    If this lesson was more than 20 minutes I would certainly use IWB and have different activities out on each table e.g. painting minibeasts, make your own minibeast, observing minibeast, etc.

    I want to make good use of that 20 minutes I've got and this I'm finding difficult.

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