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NQT Extension completing after final assessment deadline, then mat leave.

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by Sky242, Nov 16, 2019.

  1. Sky242

    Sky242 New commenter


    Due to pregnancy related illness I had over 30 days absence so needed to complete an extension of my NQT Induction from my return in September.

    I will have completed this before the end of term, however this is after the final assessment report deadline given by the Appropriate Body. I go on mat leave at the end of term and wanted this all to be signed off and done before then.

    Question 1) Do the reports have to go in at set points or can they go upon an extension completion?

    If the report cannot be sent then does anyone know where I will stand upon return from mat leave? Given my extension will have been completed before leave I will have no more days to do.

    I am struggling with contact to my AB (school has been contacting them for advice) and I believe the AB want me to do further extension after mat leave due to an additional week off during extension, which has been added to my time and those days will be completed, again all before end of term.
    Although my opinion doesn't matter I don't think 1 week off (pregnancy related) is justification to extend again when meeting all targets set and will have completed the required days.

    Question 2) If an extension is requested in order for the AB to feel comfortable passing me, does it have to be for the length of maternity leave or can it be for a set amount of time e.g 1 full term?

    Thanks for any help.

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