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NQT early pay start

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by anon4038, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. Hello, I am starting my NQT year in September, I assume on M1. However, since April I have been working at a school as a 'Tempory Teacher' for a few hours per week, they pay me on M1 now, although its not a full M1 wage beacuse of the fact I do such few hours (still at uni not lazy! [​IMG]).
    I was just wondering if because im on M1 now, would I stay on M1 in september or move to M2, if not would I move to M2 the following September or would I get moved up early in April? How does this work?
    Also, I was just wondering when NQT's recieve their first pay after starting in september? Do you have to work a month in hand or anything?

    Many thanks
  2. You have to have worked for 26 weeks to qualify to move up to the next pay scale. You get paid at the end of September, work the month then get paid for it. Have you actually qualified yet? If you don't have QTS then your school should be paying you as an unqualified teacher until you get your certificate through from the GTC, not on M1.

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