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Nqt doesn't know what to do - bad observation

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by AmelieGau, Mar 15, 2020.

  1. AmelieGau

    AmelieGau New commenter

    Really looking for some insight on my current situation

    I'm almost finished the second term of my NQT year. My first term was ok, I have had a lot of struggles with paired teacher staff absence, not so pleasant TAs and not really feeling like I fit in my team. My team leader is ok and she is supportive if I ask for advice/help.

    I dont think my other 3 observations I've had were amazing but I just got general feedback. Nothing serious.

    Until Thursday, my NQT observation for spring went awful!! I thought the lesson went ok, I've been praised for behaviour management but ended up being put on an action plan for the subject knowledge standard as I didn't have high enough expectations for outcomes of writing. Also I lack confidence which they believe is underpinned by poor subject knowledge.

    I was already extremley unhappy and unstable and as you can imagine the phrase action plan sent me over the edge. I had a full on anxiety attack and balled my eyes out in the school to the point I was sent home.

    My HT is extremley nice and supportive. They told me that they have "no concerns that I wont complete my NQT year and that if they did they would be honest and tell me". They are very understanding on mental health as they themself have had issues in their early career.

    So my question is, what will happen to me going forward? What tips would you advise? Might I not pass my NQT year? If I'm still struggling and deemed unlikely to pass in summer what will happen? I already dont want to stay at my school so applying for others as an RQT, if I got accepted for a job for Sept then didn't complete full NQT year would it matter? Would I just do an additional term there?

    Also my DHT and mentor has had all of my planning/PP etc since xmas, he gets them weekly but seems to focus on presentation, amount of work in books and trying to squeeze in another lesson in my almost impossible timetable.

    Thanks in advance
  2. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    Sorry you're in this place. I haven't dealt much with NQT paperwork, so can't give much specific advice here.
    You're only half way through the year. Plenty of time to improve.
    I'm afraid your planning both for school and life has to take that possibility into account.
    It's good to see that they recognise some of your strengths.
    You need find your assertive self and talk to your colleagues (particularly the mentor) with purpose.
    What does top achieving writing in your year group look like?
    How close to this are your highest achievers?
    What tasks do you give to the class to enable them to be able to produce this writing?
    What do you do to remove those nasty little misapprehensions that get into people's writing if they're not alert?
    Good luck, the world has not ended (yet). Apply the positive mind set approach to yourself, and say "if my lessons have x, y and z, then they'll be good enough".

    You've already noticed that action plans are extremely stressful for the recipients. Do not respond to this by working 25hours a day, 8 days a week. Therein lies all sorts of nasty stuff.
    Yes, you have to work hard - like all the other teachers (and like I'm sure you're already doing). Do schedule in some programmed downtime with people who aren't teachers.
    Good luck.
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