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NQT CPD funding

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by James_Williams, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. The funding for NQTs is distributed in different ways by different local authorities. In some each NQT has a sum attached to them which is paid to the school, but this sum is not just for courses it must cover things such as time for the mentor, the reduced timetable and courses for example. The funding comes direct to the school via the general funding and the Head teacher decides how it is spent, the NQT has no call on the funding other than they must receive the entitlement to a reduced timetable, mentoring etc.
    In other LAs there is a straight share of funding to all schools on the basis of an 'average' number of NQTs and schools that employ the 'avereage number come out even, those that employ more lose those that employ less win in funding.
    You need to contact your LA adviser about how the funding is distributed and attendance at LA courses - normally LAs keep a sum of money to fiund the LA courses so that all NQTS can attend. If your school is an academy howvere the LA may ask the school to pay a course fee as they would get NQT funding direct as they are not in LA control.

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