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NQT Blues ...

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Lollie88, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. This is what worries me :( I feel worse as every week passes!
    Genuinely don't know whether I want to continue with it! It is soo hard, and too much is never good enough!
  2. rainbow_gold

    rainbow_gold New commenter

    something i keep thinking though lollie is 'what would i do instead?' and that is what is stopping me from properly entertaining leaving teaching - as i have no idea where else to go!!! We have invested so much in this already i think we should give it a chance, but come on here to vent regularly! :)
  3. Teaching is always what I have wanted to do ... ever since being a child! And Like you, I cant think of what else I would do! But at the same time ... I have gone home in tears every night this past week because of how the day has been, spent the weekend dreading Monday, and physically feel sick about tomorrow :(
    It doesn't help that I don't feel as though I can talk to anyone in my department about this!!
  4. I hear you! I cried every day for the first 3 days this week - mostly because the children seem to have totally forgotten everything after half term. However, it did pick up towards the end of the week because I think they have got back into the routine a bit. I am totally overwhelmed by the planning, but I found that being tired makes you WAY more emotional, so I've been a bit stricter about not over-worrying and trying to get to bed by 10pm every night. It does make a difference, and we're NQTs, no-one expects us to be perfect. Have you tried talking to your mentor?
  5. I spoke to my mentor during the first half term about a couple of things, and soon found out that they are close to the HoD and anything that was said was almost immediately brought up by the HoD ... so don't feel that there is anyone in my department that I can talk to!
    I fully expected the NQT year to be hard ... but feel that the expectations are huge, and there is so much demand on your time and so little support[​IMG]
  6. GloriaSunshine

    GloriaSunshine New commenter

    One of the problems is that the PGCE is not like a real job so the NQT year is a shock if you're expecting more of the same with more teaching. There's so much more to it. When I qualified, we just started a job and got on with it with perhaps a bit of mentoring if you were lucky. Now, it's easier in some respects because induction is formal so you get a reduced timetable and so on, but harder in other ways because you are monitored more closely. I wouldn't say it gets easier but the pressures change and you get better at dealing with them so there is hope. A lot depends on your school. Look around you. Does everyone else seem unhappy and stressed? If so, it may be the school. What, specifically, are you struggling with?
  7. Georgia99

    Georgia99 New commenter

    Hi I am also a NQT feeling pretty down about things....
    I only started my first teaching job the week before half term and have therefore only done 2 weeks so far!!
    The PGCE did not prepare me for the reality of teaching at all. My biggest problems have been the unfamiliarity with the school, it is spread out and I am constantly late for lessons as I get lost. Few teachers know who I am either and some are not too friendly.
    Because I came in at half term, the students are really trying it on big time and behaviour management has been a strong focus for me. But last week I did start approaching HODs for the subjects I teach and they were extremely supportive with sanctioning students and there have been improvements in behaviour.
    I feel overwhelmed with everything I need to know and have the NQT stuff running around in my head too!! Including failing observations.
    I can't fault the teachers I have approached in terms of support and my mentor seems to be fantastic. The students are testing me but in fact their behaviour is nowhere near as bad as my PGCE placement schools. But some of the girls have been quite nasty towards me which I have found hurtful, even though I know I shouldn't take it personally. They have since been spoken to by a senior teacher and have improved.
    Despite this, I just don't feel 'right' in the school, it doesn't feel like I fit. I can't explain why and am hoping it is because I am only in my second week of teaching.
    After I finished my PGCE in July I worked in a training role with adult learners while I searched for a school job. I think this hasn't helped as I found working with adults extremely easy compared to school age students. Coming back to school has been a shock after that!
    I guess I just want you to know that you are not alone really. If things don't improve, search for another teaching job before deciding to give up the profession for good.
  8. I feel the same way, I dont know whether I want to continue. I dont think I've had one word of praise since I started in September, just criticism. I'm usually a confident person, but feel quite demoralised and dread every Monday morning. We're supposed to be enjoying teaching, why is it like this, with so many NQT's sick with worrying, crying and feeling like they dont fit in?
  9. Well I haven't even found a teaching post yet and I'm unsure as to whether I want one at all! I have done a bit of supply and 1:1 at my placement school but whenever my phone rings in the morning I ignore it because I know its the supply agency wanting to send me off somewhere unfamiliar.
    I am really confused, I don't know if I am feeling this way about teaching because I have been away from it for a while or whether the stories I have heard from my friends who are working have made me wonder whether it's worth all the stress and worry.
    Am I just not that into it or lacking confidence? Should I give up after all the hard work of the PGCE, after leaving a stable and confortable job the retrain? Should I just get a 9-5 and have a life?!
  10. A message to you all:
    Please don't give up!
    I know exactly how you feel. I was in your position this time last year, finding my NQT terribly difficult and seriously considering whether or not teaching was for me. ( I've wanted to teach since I was 3 so had been a life long dream). I was going home crying every night and really struggling with behaviour management of my very large class of 32. I stuck it out and have successfully finished and am now really enjoying my second year.
    It does get better, I promise x
  11. dixie64

    dixie64 New commenter

    Thank you so much for this. I am currently completely disheartened about teaching. I have a lovely class in a challenging (but reasonably supportive) 2 form entry school and am just collapsing with the work load. I am a mature NQT and have worked all my adult life (and raised/raising 4 children 23,18,17 and 9) so I'm very familiar with hard work and multi tasking! But this is just taking over my entire life (even my dreams are full of lesson plans and evaluations!) I get to school at 7.45am, rarely leave before 5.45pm and then after dinner most nights are spent working, right up until 11-12 some nights! I am spreading myself so thinly that it feels like nobody is getting the best of me. My self esteem is through the floor and I feel guilty for neglecting my family and guilty for not working as well as (I feel) I should! What is worse I have little to show for all the "work" I am doing - just can't understand it. I'm beginning to feel a complete failure and can't say anything to anyone because this was my dream when I gave up work five years ago to begin my degree and PGCE. Getting this job was supposed to be the icing on the cake. I tell myself to get organised and often make to do lists but somehow I rarely get anything done! For instance I've been at my computer since 2pm today and having attempted to re-invent the wheel I am now rehashing last years maths plans - that just feels so wrong :( I still have to sort our geography for Tuesday, finish my English planning (for observation on Wednesday) and have a look at Read Write Inc. I just feel totally useless while trying to seem upbeat and positive to all around me :( . Thanks for giving me the opportunity to vent and fingers crossed that things will ease. Onwards and upwards as they say.
  12. Dear All,
    I too am an nqt, very quickly in my first school I realised I could not cope at all and gave up after 6 weeks. A very having completed my PGCE and can claim to have very successful placements during it, I was totally unprepared for the pressure of teaching. I am primary trained. To add to this I was not supported by the school and got the union to get me out before I had a nervous breakdown.
    18 months later, I have supplied for 16 months and had a wonderful time. I have aquired new skills and developed my behaviour management. I truly believe PGCE prepares you for teaching lessons and not for the whole teaching package. At the moment schools are changing extremely quickly and these changes are having an effective on staff morale, which is adding to the nqt expereience.
    I have tried to change my career over the last 16 months but have always been drawn to teaching. I have constantly read blogs on TES and one that clings to my brain is that there are many jobs that teachers need to do but the only way to get through the day is realise it is a never ending job and that you need to prioritise the work load. This has helped me through my supply work and hopefully my up and coming nqt year starting January.
    I have realised that teaching is every school is different but the subjects are very similar, and it has got easier. Yes I have been supplying but I have had 1 class for 1 term which was a fabulous experience and taught me how to manage my time effectively. I have had the luck to work with every experienced teachers who have taught me loads.
    I truly believe that if doing the PGCE route, everyone should supply after it. This really does get you ready to be a teacher as you get the whole school experience, instead of a kind of snap shot.
    Don't reinvent the wheel adapt it for your class. Why spend time you don't have to planning?
    REMEMBER, to make time for yourself or you will burn out and you will not be able to give anything your best as quite simple you are too tired. Take a break, make a list of what needs to be down immediately and what can be done over time. Factor in time for yourself and family. Then you will be able to get a handle on it all. This is my plan for Jan 2012 and doing this I will get through my nqt year. Hope this helps someone, as we are all nqts together and one day we will all be teachers, and then some of us maybe mentors. If there are any futrue mentors out there - try and remember your nqt year and how you felt.

  13. Thank you all so much for all your posts, and words of advice. It is good to hear that I am not the only person feeling rubbish about the whole NQT experience. Also it is nice to hear from people who have found it hard, but got through it and been sucessful!
    There are a few things that I am finding hard at the moment, and they are all coming together to make me absolutely dread going to work tomorrow, or continue with the NQT experienence.
    My department is incredably unsupportive - no matter what I do (despite outstanding observations), my lessons and classroom based approach are constantly criticised.
    The advice given always contradics other advice.
    The workload is so intense - I still haven't marked all my books yet :/
    And my HoD is constantly picking on me in front of other teachers and students :(
    I really dont know if I am going to get through the next year - should I give it up as a bad job, or stick it out? I have absolutely no confidence or faith in myself any more - and no one in school that I am able to talk to. And have come home in tears every night for the past 4 weeks :(
  14. I could have written this post! This time last year it all seemed pretty hopeless. I was constantly receiving criticism, even in front of the children, and nothing I did seemed to be good enough. If I asked for help, I was wrong, but if I tried to muddle on by myself, I was also wrong.
    The behaviour of one or two pupils in my class nearly pushed me over the edge, and I had a couple of occasions where I had to leave my classroom because I knew I was going to cry. My TA was fabulous, and actually held on to me one day, to stop me from walking out. She told me repeatedly that I am a great teacher, and that I was being treated unfairly by the headteacher.
    But, I hung on in there, and miraculously, I'm enjoying myself this year, even in the same post. Yes, the workload is still tough and my work/life balance swings very heavily in favour of work, but I now know the routines, the parents, some of the quirks of the school and the headteacher... and it's all starting to get a little bit easier.
    I have some wonderful pupils who want to learn and do well, and the behaviour in my class this year is MUCH better than last year.
    Keep on going, things really do get better.[​IMG]


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